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SLOAN, Dr. Mark
(Diagnosis Murder)
Community General Hospital (CGH)
Los Angeles, CA

Mark is a physician. He is single, owns a two-unit beach house in Malibu and has a penchant for solving crimes. Currently, Mark works as the chief of Internal Medicine at Community General Hospital in Los Angeles.  Mark’s beloved wife Katherine passed away ten years ago from cancer.

Dick Van Dyke as Dr. Mark Sloan - DIAGNOSIS MURDER
Dr. Mark Sloan

As a special consultant with the LAPD, Mark gets involved with a number of criminal investigations, coincidentally, handled by his bachelor son, Detective Lt. Steve Sloan.

When it comes to solving crimes, Mark Sloan meticulously investigates the issues and waits for that special moment when that one little clue directs him to the killer. While waiting for the special moment Mark might find the time to roller skate down the hallways of the hospital or practice some magic tricks. When Mark sets out to find a killer, he is an equal opportunity seeker of the truth. As he once said. “I don’t have to be on any side, I’m eccentric and almost retired.”

Mark’s close friends at the hospital included:

  • Dr. Jack Stewart, a streetwise resident [and Sloan’s prodigy]
  • Amanda Bentley Livingston, a pathology resident [she later became a medical examiner for the L. A. P. D. -  Mark is the godfather to her son, CJ & Jesse delivered her baby]
  • Emergency Room Dr. Jesse Travis, whose father is a spy; while his mother is a podiatrist in the Midwest [Jesse replaced Jack who finished his residency and moved to Vail, Colorado]
  • Norman Briggs, the penny-pinching hospital administrator [he left the hospital after an injury]
  • Nurse Delores Mitchell, Mark's longtime friend; and newcomer medical student, Alex Smith.

Jack Victoria Jesse

Norman Delores Alex

Mark’s family and relatives included:

  • his son, Steve Sloan, a police detective
  • his estranged daughter Carol Sloan Hilton [married to an abusive (later dead) husband]
  • his sister, Dora
  • his sleepwalking brother, Stacy
  • James Sloan, his father (who abandoned Mark as a child)
  • Mark's look-alike millionaire cousin, Jonathan Nash [who bequeathed his million-dollar fortune to the hospital]
  • Jonathan's children: J. Edison, Judith, and Julian Nash. [who bear a strong family resemblance to their father].

One of Mark’s old friends is attorney Ben Matlock who lives in Atlanta. He defended Jesse when he was accused of murder. Another old friend is private detective, Joe Mannix with whom Marks helps solve a 25-year-old murder.

Mark's son, Steve, lives in the unit below his dad in Malibu after his apartment was destroyed n the earthquake. He likes to jog, play chess with his dad, toss the basketball and work out at the local gym. And while Mark loves his son dearly, Mark often worries about Steve dangerous lifestyle as a police man. Steve's been with the Robbery/Homicide Division of the LAPD for four years.

Barry Van Dyke as Steve Sloan

Lt. Steve Sloan

The cases both Mark and Steve tackled were sometimes bizarre and often dangerous. They included: saving a bed-ridden Senator from a top assassin, uncovering the real culprit in a crime that framed Steve for robbery; searching for the killer of prostitute; bringing to justice a murderous supreme court justice and crooked adoption agency officials; tracking down the source of a a deadly virus; going undercover in a convent to investigate a murder; being stalked by a mad bomber; preventing a serial cop killer (whose dating Steve) from killing his son; scripting the demise of a best-selling mystery author with writers block who turns killer; appearing on a quiz show to uncover the killer of a game show contestant; getting assigned as physician on a cruise ship to find a killer; tracking down the killer of a chef who was murdered on a televised charity cook-off; and investigating an airline crash or stolen nuclear weapons.

Mark's bizarre cases involved: dead bodies drained of blood; a killer dating service; a friends body being found in the body of a shark; a body of a mentor entombed in a wall in the hospital; rash of deaths at a high school; murders committed by terminally ill patients; a serial killer who kills people on-the-hour at Community General Hospital; and corrupt homicide cops who murder felons to harvest their organs. But possibly the most horrible of all Mark's experiences was dealing with...IRS agents.

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