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SMART, Maxwell
(Get Smart)
( 555-7862 [or 2321]
Apartment #86
Washington, D.C.

Max (a.k.a. Agent 86) is a secret agent for CONTROL, a super secret spy agency (which everyone knew about). He operated under the guise of a greeting card salesman for the Potomac Greeting Card Company.

Don Adams as Maxwell Smart - Agent 86 - GET SMART

Smart was born in 1930 (delivered by a Dr. Linquist) under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Raised in Washington, DC., he models himself after another klutzy Control operative, Agent No. 4 (a.k.a. "Herbert Gaffer"). Max’s catchphrases are "Would you believe?," "Sorry about that Chief," "The old ( _____ ) Trick," and "Missed it by that much."

Max's Class A Control Identification card read: Agent 86 (Maxwell Smart) Sex: M; Hair: Black; Eyes: Beady; Ht: 5-9; Wt: 149; DOB; 11-30. Spy of the year 1965, 1966, 1967. His Control credit card number was 86000860008600086.

Max is so devoted to his career that he embroiders his bathrobe and pajamas with his secret agent number - 86. His many skills included expertise with explosives and multi-lingual abilities such the speaking French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Swahili, and a rare East Himalayan dialect..

Max: Why don't we speak in Swahili?  
 Chief: As you wish. Mahani ganga gi.  
Max: Ganga gi? I thought it was Ganga ga.  
Chief: No, Ganga gi.
  Max: Oh, that's strange. I thought it was gi after ganga  
unless it came before goo.

When asked about his martial arts skills, Max remarked, "I happen to be an expert in karate, Judo and tempura. Would you believe that I can brake eight boards with one karate chop? No? Would you believe three boards? Would you believe a loaf of bread?"

On the topic of cowardice, Max said "Just remember this 'A coward is a frightened man who's scared to be brave; but a brave man is only a coward who isn't scared to be frightened'." For self-defense, Max carries a Smith & Wesson Model-40 hand gun.

Despite Max's abilities, (he failed Torture 101 three years in a row, however) he was in constant trouble with his superior, Thaddeus (aka The Chief, Harold Clark (his Pontiac Greeting Card cover name) or Agent Q). A typical conversation between them might go something like this:.

Chief: Max, I don't know what I'm going to do about you. You bungle assignment after assignment.
Max: I resent that, Chief.
Chief: Do you deny it?
Max: No, but I resent it.
Chief: Max, you realize you'll be facing every kind of danger imaginable.
Max: And loving it.

Max's fellow agents at CONTROL included Agent 99, his attractive female partner and later wife; Fang (aka K-13), a canine operative; Agent 13 who is famous for hiding in strange objects like mail boxes, trash cans, grandfather clocks and vending machines; and Hymie the Robot.

Roster of CONTROL employees

Agent 99

The Chief


Max's partner, Agent 99 The Chief, Head of CONTROL Larrabee, the Chief's Assistant
Fang Agent 13 in a Locker Box Hymie
Fang Max & Agent 13 Hymie the Robot

While on assignments Max assumed the aliases of many individuals including The Scar (an explosives expert), The Masked Marvel (a table tennis champion), Major Fritz Kessler (a former SS officer known as the Beast of Buenos Aires), Running Creek (an American Indian), Yakimoto (a Japanese gardener), and Conchita (a flamenco dancer).

Max's main nemesis were the members of a criminal organization know as KAOS. Their leader was a Nazi-like agent named Conrad Siegfried. His crony of an assistant was Starker (pronounced "Shtarker").

Corad Siegfried


Siegfried Starker

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