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(The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
805 St. Cloud Road
c/o The Pool House
Bel Air, CA

Will is an African-American teenager. Born (7/3/73) and raised in West Philadelphia, he is single, very hip, and likes basketball. Despite his streetwise ways, Will is without direction. After he gets in to a fight with a couple of guys that were up to no good, his mother decides to ship him off to her rich relatives in Bel Air, California. Now, day by day, Will learns how the other half lives; tries to live up to the expectations of his stern but fair Uncle Philip Banks; and, all the while,  entertains the rest of the Banks family with his zany antics.  



Will's newly adoptive family included:
  • His mother's sister, aunt Vivian Banks who teaches at the Bel Air Prep and the University of Los Angeles
  • Philip "Zeke" Banks, a lawyer [later a judge] who graduated from Princeton
  • Hilary Banks, their 21-year-old narcissistic, spend-thrift daughter
  • Carlton Banks, their snobby, preppy young Republican nerd of a son
  • Ashley Banks, the younger teenage daughter who plays the violin and likes to party especially when Mom and Dad are away
  • Nicholas “Nicky” Andrew [born 2/22/93], the family's fourth child
  • Geoffrey ("G"), the Banks' snotty, sarcastic black English butler who lives in their mansion [located just two houses from Ronald Reagan].

Will and Friends

While Uncle Phil opened his wallet numerous times to help Will out financially, Will did find the time to earn money of his own. His jobs included a stint on a day-time soap opera; a car salesman at Mulholland Motors; a waiter at the Brawny Deep (dressed as a pirate); waiter at the Peacock Stop (the college hangout); waiter at Chesler's Touchdown sports bar; a comedian in a comedy showcase; dressed in a yellow chicken costume called "The King of Chicken" for The Hungry Peacock TV commercial; and as an assistant talent coordinator on Hilary Banks' TV show (The Hilary Show).

When William Shatner was scheduled to appear on the show, Will accidentally broke Shatner's tooth while playing pool. At the dentist, Will and Shatner inhale laughing gas and start to act goofy. Shatner shouts "Bones, Fix my tooth!" Will replies "Dammit Jim, I am a black boy from Philly, not a doctor!"

In 1994, Will worked at Dukes' House of Cheese Steaks in Philadelphia. He had returned to Philly on a visit and decided to stay for a while with his mom in his childhood apartment (#34).

During his return visit, Will discovered that people in the neighborhood thought he had run away to Bel Air to avoid fighting with a bully named Omar (who had reformed). In honor of Will's alleged cowardice, Duke's named a "chicken-to-go" sandwich after him (The Will Smith). Will's pals in Philadelphia included Chill, Soup, Steve and Word.

Growing up, Will had a "What's Happening!!" board game and a Don Cornelius "Soul Train" action figure. Will learned to drive a car at the age of 11 (before the days of the "Club").

Will does his best to fit into an upper-crust family, but he still held on to his street style like greeting friends with his special high five. He also enjoys telling "fat" (not "phat") jokes about his Uncle Phil, and "short" jokes about his "munchkin" cousin Carlton.

Will and Carlton later attend the University of Los Angeles where they shared a "party pad." Unfortunately, Will and Carlton are evicted from their apartment because of a party that was thrown by Will’s friend Jazz. Consequently, they moved back home and set up living quarters in the pool house at the Banks Mansion.

Besides joking around and playing b-ball (basketball) Will enjoys the companionship of a beautiful female. And being a smooth operator, Will generally has all the right moves to get the babes. Here are some of the "lines" he laid on his feminine acquaintances: 

Will: Girl, you look so good, I would plant you and create a WHOLE FIELD of y'all.
Will: Girl, you look so good, I would marry your brother just to get in your family.
Will: Hey baby, I noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to put you on notice that I noticed you, too.

Will's romantic interest included:

  • Denise, a temptress who vied for Will's attentions
  • Wendy, the daughter of Philip's old flame
  • Michelle Michaels, a jet setting pop star
  • Jackie Ames, (whom Will ditches on a date to go to the Playboy Mansion)
  • Paula who dumps Carlton for Will
  • The luscious Monique
  • Lindsey Simon, who turns Will into her love slave
  • Dee-Dee, a full-figured gal that Will likes but is embarrassed to be seen with on the dance floor
  • Kathleen who gets trapped with Will during an earthquake
  • Marissa Redman, Hilary's new boss who wants to use Will as a boy toy
  • Kayla Samuels, an amorous scholarship student
  • Helen, Geoffrey's gorgeous blind date
  • Mimi Mumford, a preppie country club girl
  • Lisa Wilkes, the daughter of an overprotective father from Cleveland.

Will and Lisa were later engaged to be married, and, at first, they eloped to Las Vegas (a Shaft Wedding Extravaganza) to avoid the big wedding preparations proposed by their family members. In the end, they changed their mind. When the time to get married finally arrived, Will and Lisa called the marriage off.

Before the official engagement, a vulnerable Will proposed to Lisa after he was shot by a robber at an ATM machine (but she refused). Ironically, Lisa's father, Fred Wilkes fell in love and married Will's mom, Vy.

Will & Lisa's Failed Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony

Isaac Hayes: Who's the black Philly man whose gonna take this fine woman's hand?
Singers: SMITH!
Isaac Hayes: Your DAMNNNN right...Who's the man whose got some vows in his hand to tell his woman?
Singers: WILL SMITH!
Isaac Hayes: Can you dig it?
Will Smith: Lisa you're my sun, my moon, my stars, your my whole universe, You make me feel complete, I want to be with you forever and..
Singers: SMITH!
Isaac Hayes: Sure enough!
Will Smith: From the first time I saw you, I  knew I wanted to be with you always. I knew that I wanted to hold you and love you...
Singers: SMITH! WILL SMITH! Yeah!
Will: Right On!
Isaac Hayes: They say that cat, Smith is a bad mother...
Will: Shut your mouth!
Isaac: We're only talking about you.
Will: Can I DO this, please?!...Where was I? Oh yeah, Lisa...
Isaac: Your a complicated man yet no one understands you but your woman.
Singers: Will Smith.
Will: Look, Lisa, what I'm trying to say is...
Singers: EEW!, EEW!, EEW! EEW! EEW! EEW!...
[Will shuts up the singers]
Will: Look Lisa, Baby, I'm tellin' you, I want to marry you, but definitely not like this.
Lisa: Right on, Will!
Will: Oh, by the way dude, your Isaac Hayes impression stinks!
Isaac: I don't know, I...I thought it was pretty good. (It really was Isaac Hayes)

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