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WEST, Honey
(Honey West)
6033 Del Mar Vista
Los Angeles, CA

Honey is a private investigator. She is single, blue-eyed, blond, and a judo/karate expert. Honey sports a distinctively sexy mole on her lower right lip and a wardrobe that runs the gambit from black jumpsuits to stylish and exotic fur ensembles. She drives a sports car and always looks classy

Anne Francis as 'Honey West'
Honey West & Bruce

After Honey's father died, she inherited the private investigation firm of H. West and Company. The firm's rough and tumble partner, Sam Bolt stayed on to help Honey run the business. And, while Sam pursues Honey romantically, Honey’s only true love is action, adventure, and, of course, her pet ocelot, Bruce.

During her investigations, Honey did discreet surveillance in a van labeled “H.W. Bolt & Co. TV Service” [license plates: 1406 122 and 1ET 974]. To monitor or subdue her suspects, Honey used an arsenal of tools and gadgets. They included an exploding compact, a garter belt gas mask, teargas earrings, a lipstick microphone and martini olives camouflaged as radio transmitters. Honey also kept a cache of weapons in her secret office that was hidden behind her apartment living room wall. Honey kept a .38 revolver in her purse and a backup derringer stashed somewhere on her "oh so shapely" 36-24-34 feminine frame.

On occasion, Honey’s aunt Meg West dropped by to visit her daring niece. During one visit, two men accosted Aunt Meg at a supermarket, and strange as it seems, steal a can of soup. Of course, Honey was soon hot on the trail of the perpetrators and a famous pop artist involved in the theft.

Once in a while Honey even had to help out her partner Sam, like the time kidnappers snatched Sam and offered to return him unharmed in exchange for a parcel Honey was hired to protect.

Sam Bolt & Honey West arrive at the scene of a crime
Sam Bolt & Honey West on the case.

Synopsis of some more of Honey’s cases:

  • Squashing a blackmail ring that preys upon wealthy women
  • Catching a warehouse arsonist in order to secure a contract with an insurance company
  • Recovering a stolen dress collection worth $100,000
  • Finding an industrial spy who has been leaking company secrets
  • Investigating the drugging of a truck driver whose cargo of missile parts was stolen.
  • Psychic claims that an heiress would soon die.
  • Going undercover to ferret out blackmailers of wealthy older women
  • Checking whether the death of a stuntwoman was really accidental.
  • Trailing a Robin Hood style thief in the Sherwood Park area of town
  • Investigating a trio of suspects in a murder of a toy manufacturer
  • Tracking down kidnappers/murderers of a rock star
  • Uncovering possible insurance fraud involving a paralyzed cowboy
  • Finding a look-alike thief who stole furs Honey was to protect.
  • Going undercover as a nurse to find a missing corporate President
  • Investigates the death of a Private Eye killed in a car bombing and a plan to counterfeit British pounds.
  • Testing the security system for a museum by stealing a jade carving
  • And possibly Honey's strangest case of all which involved a mortally injured man who enters Honey's home with a 1865 newspaper and a dying proclamation that President Lincoln was to be killed by an assassin.

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