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Granny ClampettGranny's Love Potions - On the sitcom THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES/CBS/1962-71 Daisy Moses, a.k.a. "Granny Clampett" (Irene Ryan) would brew up a love potion (her "spring tonic") in hopes of getting loved ones hitched. When banker Milburn Drysdale (Raymond Bailey) drank the potion, smoke streamed from his collar, his face flickered black and white like an X-Ray and he yelled like Tarzan. The magic elixir was so potent that Granny had to quickly bottle it or the potion would eat right through the kettle.

Back in the hills, Granny mixed up batches of her love potion in a hollow stump. Once Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen) said "Many a times, I saw the stump get up and go off into the woods looking' for a bear." For her special courtship formula Granny added Angelica Root and Heartleaf for extra potency.

The following is a list of episodes that dealt with Granny's various potions:

  • On episode No. 27 "Granny's Spring Tonic" Jed Clampett drinks a double dose of spring tonic and winds up in Lovers' Lane with a gold-digging secretary;
  • On episode No. 86 "Clampett General Hospital" the Clampetts try to cure Mrs. Drysdale with a home made nerve tonic; on episode No. 98 "Jed and the Countess" Countess von Holstein visits the Clampetts for a dose of spring tonic;
  • On episode No. 114 "The Courtship of Elly" Granny concocts a love potion intended to land a husband for Elly May Clampett (Donna Douglas);
  • On episode No. 137 "Granny Tonics a Bird-Watcher" a meek and mild leader of a Bird Watchers group (Wally Cox) swallows Granny's spring tonic and turns into a tiger (an aggressive lover);
  • On episode No. 165 "The Doctors" Granny tries to give away her spring tonic at the Commerce Bank and has a run in with Dr. Clyburn. Granny's most potent love potion ("The strongest charm in her book") was called Anti-Love Potion X-R. Worn around the neck in a small sack, the potion smelled terrible and was designed to destroy romance between two people. Jed Clampett remarked that the potion will "kill any flying insect within 100 yards and any human being within 10."

TRIVIA NOTE: Carolyn Jones who played the evil Marsha Queen of Diamonds on episode No. 57 & 58 of the fantasy BATMAN/ABC/1966-68 used a love potion created by her Aunt Hilda (Estelle Winwood) to control the will of men. She administered the potion by shooting her victims with a small dart dipped in the love inducing drug. One of the potion's ingredients was newt. See also - BEVERAGES: "Granny's Moonshine"

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