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Mouseketeers - Talented troupe of youngsters chosen by Walt Disney to star on THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB/ABC/1955-59, a variety series with cartoons, music, and live-action adventures (for example, SPIN & MARTY or THE HARDY BOYS).

Walt Disney with the Mouseketeers

The official wardrobe of the Mouseketeers included a tee-shirt and a beany cap with mouse ears.

Lead by an older Mouseketeer named Jimmy Dodd, the first season Mouseketeers were:

  • Nancy Abbate
  • Sharon Baird
  • Billie Jean Bean Blossom
  • Bobby Burgess
  • Lonnie Burr
  • Tommy Cole
  • Johnny Crawford
  • Dennis Day
  • Dickie Dodd
  • Mary Espinosa
  • Annette Funicello
  • Darlene Gillespie
  • Judy Harriett
  • John Lee Jackson
  • Bonnie Lou Kern
  • Carl "Cubby" O'Brien
  • Karen Pendelton
  • Paul Peterson
  • Tim Rooney, Jr.
  • Mickey Rooney, Jr.
  • Mary Lou Sartori
  • Bronson Scott
  • Mark Sutherland
  • Don Underhill
  • Ronnie Steiner
  • Doreen Tracy.

During the second and third season several new Mouseketeers joined the club. They included:

  • Sherry Allen
  • Eileen Diamond
  • Cheryl Holdridge
  • Charley Laney
  • Larry Larsen
  • Jay Solari
  • Margene Storey; (Third season)
  • Don Agrati (Don Grady)
  • Bonnie Lynn Fields
  • Linda Hughes
  • Lynn Ready

When cartoon time rolled around, one of the Mouseketeers recited the magical chant "Meeska Mooseka Mousekateer, Mouse Kartoon Time Now Is Here." This opened up the treasure mine and revealed the cartoon of the day.

Another feature of the show was the special themes for each day of the week:

  • Monday (Fun with Music Day)
  • Tuesday (Guest Star Day)
  • Wednesday (Anything Can Happen Day)
  • Thursday (Circus Day)
  • Friday (Talent Round Up Day)

The end of each program expressed a heartfelt goodbye from all the Mickey Mouse Club Members with a hope that they would "See you real soon."

The Mouseketeer's Theme Song March & Sign-off

Mic-key Mouse Club, Mic-key Mouse Club
Mic-key Mouse Club, Mic-key Mouse Club

Who's the leader of the club
That's made for you and me?
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Hey, there! Hi, there! Ho, there!
You're as welcome as can be!

Mickey Mouse! Donald Duck!
Mickey Mouse! Donald Duck!
Forever let us hold our banners high
High! High! High!

Come along and sing a song
And join the jamboree

The program closing...

(Sung softly and slowly)

Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse
Forever let us hold our banner high
Now's its time to say goodbye
To all our company
M-I-C - See you real soon!
K-E-Y - Why? Because we like you!
Sung by Jimmy Dodd and the Mouseketeers

Walt Disney's Mousketeers List
Click to enlarge

The show was revived in 1977 as THE NEW MICKEY MOUSE CLUB with a whole new generation of Mouseketeers including:

  • Billy "Pop" Attmore
  • Scott Craig
  • Nita "Dee" Digiampaolo
  • Mindy Feldman
  • Angel Florez
  • Allison Fonte
  • Shawnte Northcutte
  • Kelly Parsons
  • Julie Piekarski
  • Todd Turquand
  • Lisa Whelchel
  • Curtis Wong

The new show's special days of the week were:

  • Monday (Who, What, Why, Where, When, and How Day)
  • Tuesday (Let's Go Day)
  • Wednesday (Surprise Day)
  • Thursday (Discovery Day)
  • Friday (Showtime Day)

Many of the Mouseketeers went on to become successes in their own right.

  • Bobby Burgess was the featured dancer on THE LAWRENCE WELK SHOW from 1961-83
  • Annette Funicello blossomed into a lovely young lady and starred in a series of "Beach Party" movies in the 1960s and later became TV spokesperson for the Skippy Peanut Butter Company commercials
  • Johnny Crawford starred as Mark McCain, the son of a widowed rancher on the successful western series THE RIFLEMAN/ABC/1958-63
  • Paul Peterson starred on the sitcom THE DONNA REED SHOW/ABC/1958-66 as Jeff Stone, the son of Dr. Alex Stone
  • Don Grady played Robbie Douglas, the 2nd oldest son of an Aerospace engineer on the sitcom MY THREE SONS/ABC/CBS/1960-72
  • Lisa Whelchel of the NEW MICKEY MOUSE CLUB starred as Blair Warner, a rich girl who attended a private school on the sitcom FACTS OF LIFE/NBC/1979-88.

The NEW MICKEY MOUSE CLUB Mouseketeers also spawned rising stars as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilar, Justin Timberlake, Keri Russell, Kenan and Kel and Melissa Joan Hart.

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