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Fantasy Island - Tropical Island on the romantic drama FANTASY ISLAND/ABC/1978-84.

Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island was the Mecca for those who wanted to live out their life long fantasies but only at the exclusive invitation of its owner, Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalban), a mysterious man dressed in white. When incoming airplanes filled with the latest arrivals were seen on the horizon, Roarke's assistant Tattoo (Herve Villechaize) rang the bell in the tower of Roarke's Victorian estate and yelled "De Plane, De Plane." The island guests were greeted by a bevy of beautiful girls clad in sarongs who handed out leis and festive drinks with tropical flowers in them. Lawrence (Christopher Hewett) later replaced Tattoo.

Establishing shots of Fantasy Island were scenes of coastal islands off southern California. FANTASY ISLAND returned to ABC in the fall of 1998 with Malcolm McDowell as the now more sinister Mr. Roarke.

The new Mr. Roarke had three employees: Cal (Edward Hibbert) the hotel concierge, Harry (Louis Lombardi) the bellhop, and Ariel (Madchen Amick), a shape-shifting woman who can become anything the island's patrons desire. Two elderly travel agents, Fisher and Clia (played by Fyvush Finkel and Sylvia Sidney) now booked the trips to Fantasy Island.

The new series was filmed on Oahu on the northeast side of the island and is the site for the hotel that houses Mr. Roarke's guests. A photograph of Mr. Roarke's former pint-sized protégé Tattoo is displayed in the lobby of the hotel. See also - HOMES & MANSIONS: "Fantasy Island Cottage"

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