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David LettermanDavid Letterman's Wardrobe - On the late night show LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW/NBC/1982-93, host David Letterman wore sneakers and blazers onto the program each night. His shoe size is approximately 10 and 1/2. A pair of his sneakers were once sold at a celebrity auction for $500.

When his program moved to CBS in the fall season of 1993, David Letterman's casual attire of sports jacket and sneakers were dropped and replaced with a more conservative look of custom double breasted suits and polished leather shoes.

Over the years, Dave occasionally wore suits of a silly kind. They included attire made of:

  • Alka-Seltzer (dropped him in a water tank to fizz away),

  • Magnets (Dave was very attractive, if you what what I mean)

  • Marshmallows (they tried to light the marshmallows with propane torches but failed-the audience ate the marshmallows);

  • Nachos (eaten by members of the audience after Dave was dunked in cheese),

  • Rice Krispies (poured milk on Dave to hear snap, crackle & pop sounds ),

  • Sponge (they weighed Dave, dunked him in water, then weighed him again, but it was off the scale).

  • Suet (Dave went into a cage of birds as they attacked his suit),

  • Vegemite, Vegetables,

  • and a suit made of Velcro (Dave jumped onto a wall covered with the matching Velcro grabbers and stuck to it).

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