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Diana Rigg as Emma PeelEmma Peelers - Term used to describe the clothing worn by the actress Diana Riggs when she played the karate-kicking secret agent Mrs. Emma Peel on the British adventure THE AVENGERS/ABC/1966-69. Emma Peel dressed in tight but comfortably fitting outfits of black leather and other assorted colored jumpsuits which fostered lustful gazes and smiles among the show's many fans. Her outfits came to be known as "Emma Peelers." Many were made of stretch fabrics with a recurring motif of buckles, links and braiding. The Press accused THE AVENGERS of "catering" to leather freaks.

Honor Blackman who played Mrs. Catherine Gale, (the first female in the series before Emma Peel), also had Emma Peel in Actiona proclivity for wearing leather ensembles. The Emma Peel look inspired singer Toni Braxton to wear a white skin tight body suit in her 1996 video hit "You're Makin' Me High.

Some critics of the drama THE PRETENDER/NBC/TNT/1996-2000 stated that the Miss Parker character, a cruel domineering woman who relentlessly chased an adult genius named Jarod was an evil 90's version of Emma Peel with dark hair, the flip and an alluring figure that wore tight micro-mini skirts and slacks. See also - "Mrs. Peel"

Sexy Sherbet Yummy Green

Babelicious Blue

Diana rigg as Mrs. Emma Peel

Diana Rigg as Mrs. Emma Peel

Mrs. Peel with a mighty long gun. Ooh! Mrs. Peel ready for a little rain Mrs. Peel gettin' kinda freaky
Honor Blackman as Mrs. Cathy Gale - ©1961-9
Canal+Image UK Ltd All Rights Reserved (All Photos on this Page) Diana Rigg as Mr.s Emma Peel Uma Thurman as Mrs. Emma Peel
Honor Blackman the Precursor to Mrs. Peel Mrs. Peel Hot and Heavy into leather Uma Thurman
as Emma Peel
 The Avengers (1998)

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