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Maxwell Smart's Shoe Phone - Spy phone built into secret agent Maxwell Smart's left shoe on the espionage comedy GET SMART/NBC/1965-70.

When Max needed to use or answer his shoe phone, he took off his shoe, removed the rubber sole to reveal the rotary phone dialing device. His shoe phone number was 306. When he dialed the number 117, his shoe would convert into a gun.

Max's shoes also contained deadly weaponry. Housed in a small compartment of his left heel were two pellets-the small one explodes when thrown or heated; the larger one was a suicide pill which killed painlessly in twenty seconds when swallowed. Max's right heel concealed a smoke-screen pellet which left a trail of heavy smoke when crushed.

Telephones were concealed in a number of other objects including a hair comb, a boot, a shepherd's staff; clock, magazine, a garden hose, cigarette lighter, and a sandwich. In the movie spin-off The Nude Bomb, a.k.a. The Return of Maxwell Smart (1980), the shoe phones were updated to include touch-tone dialing and an answering machine.

TRIVIA NOTE: The origins of the shoe phone gimmick can be traced back to comic writer Mel Brooks who one day answered his shoe when all of the phones in the office began to ring at once. People still remember the phone skit and when Adams is in restaurants, or driving in his car...avid fans of the series still take off their shoe and say "Here, it's for you."

On February 17th, 2002, the shoe phone used by agent Maxwell Smart was included in a display entitled "Spies: Secrets from CIA, KGB and Hollywood," a collection of real and fictional spy gear that exhibited at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.

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