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Milton Berle in Brazilian DragSeinfeld Fashions - On the situation comedy SEINFELD/NBC/1990-1998, Jerry Seinfeld plays standup comedian who lived in Manhattan and hangs out with his best friends, George, Kramer and Elaine. From time to time, their topics of discussion turned to fashion.

Excerpt from "Puffy Shirt" episode

KRAMER: You know that, uh, Leslie (Points to her) is in the clothing business? She's a designer.

ELAINE: (Interested) Oh?

KRAMER: In fact, she's come up with a new one that is going to be the big new look in men's fashions.. It's a, a puffy shirt. (Leslie mumbles to Kramer) Well, yeah, it - it's all puffy. Like the pirates used to wear.

ELAINE: Oh, a puffy shirt.

JERRY: Puffy.

KRAMER: Yeah, see, I think people want to look like pirates. You know, it's the right time for it.. to be all puffy, and devil-may-care.

On episodes No. 82 & 83 "The Raincoats" we learn that Jerry's retired father Morty Seinfeld (Barney Martin) used to be in clothing business, once invented a belt-less raincoat which he dubbed "The Executive." When Kramer discovers that  Morty still has a bunch of the raincoats in storage, he brokers a 25/75 percent split. Excited, Morty ships the clothes from Florida to New York City. Unfortunately, the guy at Rudy's Antique Boutique who originally wanted to buy all the raincoat he could get from Kramer, refuses to buy off the street merchandise, because he recently bought some clothes filled with moths (courtesy of Jeryy's friend George Costanza) and didn't want to take the chance of getting another infestation in his store. Sadly, Morty, who had a heck of a time getting the raincoats shipped north in the first place, sends his unwanted raincoats back to Florida. 

MORTY: (noticing Kramer's coat) Look at that, Helen do you see what he's wearing? That's the Executive.

KRAMER: Now what is Executive?

JERRY: The belt-less trench coat. My father invented it.

MORTY: I sure did. Raincoats were my business. The Executive was a classic, these haven't been made in twenty years.

HELEN: Why would they? Nobody bought them then.

MORTY: He's wearing one.

KRAMER: Yea these are a hot item over at Rudy's.

MORTY: You don't say? You know I have boxes of those sitting in my garage in Florida?

KRAMER: Get 'em up here. You give me twenty-five percent I-I'll take care of everything.

MORTY: You gotta deal.

(Kramer and Morty shake hands)

KRAMER: Yaaaa.

JERRY: This is like the meeting of Smith and Wesson.

MORTY: I'll call Jack Klompus, he's got a key to the garage. He can send them overnight delivery.

HELEN: You're gonna first start shipping boxes? We're leaving for Paris in three days.

MORTY: He'll send them express.

HELEN: You're crazy.

MORTY: I'll tell you how crazy I am, I'm gonna pay for this whole trip with these coats.

MORTY: (on the phone) Hello Jack.

(Jack in Florida)


MORTY: It's Morty

JACK: Who died?

MORTY: Nobody died. Jack I want you to do me a big favor. (Jerry holding up some cards looking at his father) In my garage there are a couple of boxes.

JACK: What boxes?

MORTY: I'm gonna explain what boxes.

JACK: Alright how the hell do I know?

MORTY: Anyway there are these three big boxes, you can't miss them. I want you to ship them here to New York for me.

JACK: I thought you're going to Paris

MORTY: I'm still going to Paris. I got a big deal cooking here.

JACK: What's in the boxes?

MORTY: Raincoats.

JACK: Raincoats? (Doris sighs) You think you're gonna sell those old crappy raincoats? That's garbage.

HELEN: I guarantee you Doris is not letting him mail those boxes.

JACK: When do you want these?

MORTY: Send them tomorrow.

Urban Sombrero

"This is the Urban Sombrero. I put it on the cover of our last catalog."
"The horror! The horror!"
- Elaine and Mr. Peterman, in "The Chicken Roaster"



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