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TV Show Pilot - Summary

Summary: Set in a big red barn in a cornfield somewhere near the majestic city of Cleveland, Ohio, the TV ACRES CLUBHOUSE is a place where TV fans can meet and greet and share their love for television.

Each month the TV ACRES CLUBHOUSE recaps the best of what's happened on primetime TV, answers emails from fans, highlights a Website of the Month, plays a few games, and even takes a visit to "Collectibles Corner" to talk about TV memorabilia from classic TV shows.

The program also features a CLUBHOUSE pledge which is recited at the beginning of each show.

Regular features of the show include: The Email Grabbag, Website of the Month, Question of the Month, Collectibles Corner, Spin That Darn, Wheel and TV News and Month in Review.

The show also contains fictional advertisers who support the program such as Wally's Fillin' Station from Mayberry, North Carolina or Simon and Simon Investigators from San Diego, California. All sponsors are based on fictional programs and characters that have aired on TV over the past fifty years.

The show's co-host, the beautiful TeyVey-A-Tuba, the digital diva of channel surfing, is a fictional character. TeyVey-a-Tuba (aka "Tuba") rules over the digital pathways that deliver TV signals everywhere on earth.

Tuba is assisted by an army of elf-like wranglers called "zappers" who make sure that the TV signals keep "rollin" to their proper destinations, so that TV viewers everywhere can flawlessly switch from one channel to the next to obtain their favorite TV shows. An elf-like creature called Clyde is the Chief Zapper who coordinates all of the regular zappers. He reports to TeyVey-A-Tuba.

TeyVey-A-Tuba, being a digital creature, can change her appearance and clothes at will, but most of the time, she appears as a beautiful and intelligent blond, blue-eyed female, with a fantastic athletic physique and a dazzling white smile.

The show is scheduled to run about 60 minutes. It currently exists as a "transcript" See (

Anyone interested in getting the TV ACRES CLUBHOUSE on the air should contact Jerome Holst at

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