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Neuro-Brain - Super computer that controlled all electrical functions in Delta City on the sci-fi series ROBOCOP: THE SERIES/SYN/1994-95. Neuro-Brain was created by Dr. Cray Z. Mallardo. But a key ingredient to the project was a living human brain.

After killing Diana Powers (Andrea Roth), a beautiful blond former secretary at Omni Consumer Products (OCP), Dr. Mallardo harvested and then implanted Diana's brain into Neuro-Brain's mainframe.

Holographic Ghost of Diana Powers - ROBOCOP: THE SERIES
Holographic Ghost of Diana Powers

Upon activating the Neuro-Brian, its creator remarked, "What we have here is a new form of intelligence, a completely unique melding of human and machine. It's a miracle." The Neuro-Brain was designed to "reduce all decisions to an unimpeachable binary utopia."

In the meantime, the essence of Diane Powers lived in cyber-space and traveled about as a holographic ghost in the machine through all the circuitry in this futuristic metropolis, assisting whenever possible, police officer Alex Murphy, aka "Robocop" (Richard Eden) See also "Max Headroom" and ROBOTS: "Robocop" 

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