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Bertie the Bunyip - Jovial creature (an Australian "whatsis") on the puppet series THE BERTIE THE BUNYIP SHOW first aired on Channel 3 WRCV-TV in Philadelphia during the 1950s and 1960s.

Bertie the Bunyip and Lee Dexter

Bertie the Bunyip lived in the mythical village of Bunyipville. He wore a polkadot tie around his shaggy neck and sported a cherry-red nose that rested on the tip of his beak-like mouth. (He looked like he had the bill of a platypus, ears of a kangaroo and fur of a dog). Lee Dexter created and provided the voice for Bertie the Bunyip whose catchphrase was "Remember kiddie-kiddies, Bertie always loves you."

The program began as the narrator proudly proclaimed:

"The Adventures of Bertie the Bunyip...starring that ever popular friend of all the kids everywhere, our hero...Bertie the Bunyip"

Other hand puppets seen on the program included Nixie the Pixie, a busybody; Humphrey Carrotfoot, the white rabbit in a black cape; Winnie the Witch, Fiffi the French Poodle, Poochie the Pup, Tiger Tommy; Sir Guy de Guy, the Wily Fox who wore a top hat and cape; and Fussy and Gussy who always thwarted Sir Guy's mean plans.

Bertie the Bunyip and Nixie the Pixie
Bertie and Nixie the Pixie

TRIVIA NOTE: In Aboriginal legend, a bunyip (meaning "devil" or "spirit") is a water monster believed to bring diseases and infestation. In 1966, while broadcasting for only year on WPHL-TV Channel 17, THE BERTIE THE BUNYIP SHOW was finally cancelled. The Bertie the Bunyip character remained popular in the Philadelphia area for another twenty years as Dexter and his wife continued to appear at local events with Bertie and his cast of puppet friends. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Herbert Lee Dexter passed away at the age of 86 on June 17, 1991 from emphysema.

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