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Flub-a-dub - Strange creature composed of many parts seen on the classic children's puppet program HOWDY DOODY/NBC/1947-60.


Flub-a-dub (originally Flubdub) was a unique South American animal with a duck's head, a cat's whiskers, a giraffe's neck (encircled with rings), a cocker spaniel's ears, a seal's flippers (and four webbed feet), a raccoon's tail hairpiece, a dachshund's body and the memory of an elephant.

When Flub-a-dub got hungry, it yelled, "Meatballs!, Meatballs!" (a prototype of SESAME STREET's Cookie Monster who shouts, "Cookies!"). At first, Flub-a-dub liked to eat flowers, especially the ones on its hat.

Flub-a-Dub Marionette
Flub-a-Dub Marionette

The origin of the Flub-a-dub character came about when Buffalo Bob Smith, the program's host, needed to explain his absence from the HOWDY DOODY show while on vacation in the Caribbean in February of 1949. So Buffalo Bob told the kids in the Peanut Gallery that he was going on a hunting expedition to capture the legendary Flubdub.

On the way back from the expedition, the Flubdub jumped ship in Bermuda to smell the flowers, but was recaptured and returned to Doodyville where it was given to Clarabell the Clown as a pet.

The voice of the Flub-a-dub was supplied by Dayton Allen. The letter "a" in the name "Flub-a-dub" was added later in the series for easier pronunciation.

Flub-a-Dub - HOWDY DOODY

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