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Tasmanian DevilTasmanian Devil - Tasmanian Devil - A small whirling monster with a voracious appetite featured in six Warner Brothers cartoons from 1954-1979. The Tasmanian Devil debuted in the cartoon short Devil May Hare (1954) opposite Bugs Bunny, and later with Daffy Duck in Ducking the Devil (1957).

Created by Bob McKimson, the Tasmanian Devil (voice of Mel Blanc) communicated via slobbering growls, and indecipherable gibberish. . Its cyclonic motions ripped through trees, rocks and anything else that got in its way, while it searched the countryside for food. Its favorite food is rabbit, namely, Bugs Bunny.

The Tasmanian Devil resurfaced in 1990 as Dizzy Devil on TINY TOON ADVENTURES and then on the half-hour cartoon series TAZ-MANIA/FOX/1991-94 that starred a party animal teenage Tasmanian Devil called Taz (voice of Jim Cummings).

Taz's family included his conservative father, Hugh who spoke like Bing Crosby; Jean, his mother; and Molly, his sister. To earn money, Taz worked as a bellhop at the Hotel Tasmania.

TRIVIA NOTE: The real Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisi) is about 2 feet long with a large head and weak hindquarters. Its ears turns red when agitated. This ferocious marsupial was often hunted down because of all the damage caused to livestock and poultry.

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