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The Bundy Curse - The situation comedy MARRIED WITH CHILDREN/FOX/1987-97 featured the dysfunctional Bundy family headed by the frustrated shoe salesman, Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill). The Bundy family curse in America reads" They will fail at anything they try," another curse across the ocean in Britain told another tale.

Episodes No. 129-131 "The England Shows" revealed the story behind the Bundy Curse that originated in England, the ancestral home of the Bundy family.

Back in 1635, Al's ancestor, Seamus McBundy insulted a fat, ugly witch. For his effrontery, she cursed his village of Lower Uncton, England and all future male Bundys. From that day forward, Lower Uncton was to be shrouded with a veil of darkness. To destroy the curse, all male Bundy's needed to be killed (within the city limits of Lower Uncton). Flash forward to the 1990s.

Wishing to put an end to the curse, the residents of Lower Uncton invite the Bundy family of Chicago, USA on an all expenses paid trip to England (the birthplace of Shakespeare, Churchill and Benny Hill). Of. course, the motive of the Lower Unctons was to get the last two surviving Bundy males (Al and his son Bud) into their city limits and eradicate both them and the curse forever.

While the people of Lower Uncton were set on killing Al and Bud, the residents of Upper Uncton were working at cross purposes. They wanted to kill Al and Bud outside the city so the curse became permanent and Lower Uncton remained in darkness and a profitable tourist attraction for the nearby town of Upper Uncton.

Al Bundy and family soon realized they were in danger and Al's daughter Kelly (Christina Applegate) arrived just in time to rescue them, but the family was pursued by Lower Unctonians until they reach the border between the two towns.

Caught between two competing mobs, the Bundys fate depended on Al's ability to joust. Al, a former Polk High School football star who got "four touch downs in one game in the Chicago City Championships," accepted their challenge, but chose a football as the weapon of choice instead of the jousting lance.

Valiantly playing against those who wished him dead, Al knocked his opponent off his horse (by directing the smell from his stinky sneakers) and then tackled his attacker to the ground in true footbal style. The resulting tussle ended the curse and lifted the veil of darkness over Lower Uncton.

TRIVIA NOTE: While Al Bundy flew over to England, the pilot made an announcement, asking "Can the man in seat 37b please put on your shoes? I'm choking." Al yells, "What? They show the movie Dutch and they think I stink?" Dutch, of course, starred the series' star Ed O'Neill, (a.k.a. "Al Bundy").

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