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Maggie O'Connell Cursed Love Life - On the rural drama NORTHERN EXPOSURE/CBS/1990-95 bush-pilot Maggie O'Connell (Janine Turner) was cursed. Every time she got a boyfriend, he died.

For example, Harry choked on potato salad at a picnic; Bruce died from a fishing accident;, Glen accidentally drove onto a missile range in his Volvo; Dave froze to death on glacier while sleeping; Rick was crushed by a falling satellite; and Steve was struck by lightning on an oil rig. Frustrated, Maggie cried "I have bad luck with men. They do stupid things and die and I'm supposed to feel responsible?"

After Maggie's bush pilot boyfriend Rick (Grant Goodeve) was killed by falling space debris, the townsfolk of Cicely, Alaska began to avoid her like the plague until newly arrived Dr Fleischman (Rob Morrow) rallied to her side to convince them otherwise. Maggie thought that a big beautiful, blue-eyed stray malamute dog that wandered into town was Rick incarnated.

On the episode "Wake Up Call" Maggie becomes infatuated with Arthur (Andreas Wisniewski), a tall, chiseled stranger living in a cave. After a short relationship, Arthur leaves to be with his family. Maggie returns to the cave only to find a very gentle bear who mysteriously responds to the name Arthur.

The tragedy of her boyfriends death inspired Maggie to make dioramas of her lost loves (they burned when a fire destroyed her house).

On episode "Northwest Passage" Maggie decides that her thirtieth birthday is the perfect time to cleanse her soul so she can begin the next segment of her life with a clean slate.

Following an ancient Indian ritual, she writes a letter to each of her dead boyfriends and then sends them floating down the river. While on her trip, she is overcome with a high fever (from appendicitis) and in her delirium visits all of her past boyfriends.

Maggie later falls in love with Mike Monroe (Anthony Edwards), a lawyer with chemical sensitivity disease who abandons her (after he's cured) to assist environmental pollution causes.

Even Maggie's short but intense fling with her friend Dr. Fleischman ended with him returning to his hometown of New York City.

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