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SHAZAM! - Magical incantation heard on the 30-minute live-action series SHAZAM!/CBS/1974-77 starring Michael Gray as the teenager character Billy Batson who transformed into superhero Captain Marvel by saying the word "SHAZAM!" Billy derived his powers from the individual first letters that made up the acronym SHAZAM:

S (Wisdom of Solomon)

H (Strength of Hercules)

A (Stamina of Atlas)

Z (Power of Zeus)

A (Courage of Achilles)

M (Speed of Mercury)

Actors John Davey (1974-76) and Jackson Bostwick (1976-77) played the role of Captain Marvel. In the Captain Marvel comics the evil villain IBAC (a.k.a. "Stinky Printwhistle") derived his powers from the initials for I (Ivan the Terrible); B (Borgia the Poisoner); A (Attila the Hun); and C (Caligula, the Emperor). The "SHAZAM!" franchise was resurrected in the movie Shazam! (2008).

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