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Print Ad - Old Gold Dancing CigarettesDancing Packs, The - During the 1950s Old Gold Cigarettes TV commercials featured female models wearing oversized replicas of Old Gold cigarette boxes and cowboy boots. These Dancing Packs tapped their way across the stage during commercial spots.

The unseen models with the gorgeous legs beneath the prop boxes included Gloria Vestoff as "Regular," Dixie Dunbar as "King Size" and Whitey as the "Little Matchbox."

Tap dancing to the "Sidewalks of New York," The Dancing Packs tapped their way through such shows as Bert Parks' STOP THE MUSIC/ABC/1949-1956 (Quiz/Participation Show) and Ted Mack's THE ORIGINAL AMATEUR HOUR/DUM/NBC/ABC/CBS/1948-1960 (Talent Show).

Old Gold Dancing Cigarettes
Dancing Pack & Matchbox

TRIVIA NOTE: One of the original dancers for the Dancing Cigarette Box dancers contacted TV ACRES with some insights about the ads so for the sake of posterity I have included the text of the email below.

To: Mr. Jerome Holst---

Sir: A friend brought your photos & info to me re the Old Gold Dancing Cigarette Packs. My name is Jeanne Snow & I was a dancer on STOP THE MUSIC with Bert Parks in 1950 & 51--under my maiden name Jeanne Jones (sometimes Jeannie). Harry Salter was the conductor, Jimmy Nygren the choreographer. I was one of the cigarette packs with Gloria Vestoff----probably must have replaced Dixie Dunbar.

I do not remember just how long I did it, but note in a 1951 journal that I had been offered a contract to do the commercial on the West Coast. Having just been married (May3, 1951---a show day, Thurs.) I declined the offer. My dancing career is so long behind me but the Old Gold Commercial keeps coming up in current TV.

For the record, I suppose I'd have been pleased to find my name along with Gloria's @ wonder why it was not. To save me, I can't remember the advertising Co.'s name---maybe Grey---but I would be among the names in their files.

Other dancers were Louise Ferrand, Bruce Cartwright, Tom Hansen & ????? All this info and ,90 cents, gets me a cup of coffee.

Today, I am 82 yrs. old, living in my home state, Indiana with my spouse of 54 yrs.---both had careers on Broadway, TV, night clubs, and even the N.Y. City Ballet in its infancy when it was named the American Concert Ballet.

Hope all this is worth the time it has taken to read it.

Regards, Jeanne Jones Snow.

P.S. I receive a pension from Equity under my maiden name Jeanne Jones.


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