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Do Bee Dance, The - Fun kiddie show dance seen on the syndicated educational program ROMPER ROOM (ROMPER ROOM AND FRIENDS) that aired nationally from the 1950s to the 1990s. One of the characters on the show was a Bumble Bee named Mr. Do Bee who taught good manners and proper behavior. To keep the kids on the show entertained, the hostess of the program would suggest it was time to do the "Do Bee Dance" which allowed the children to run and frolic about the stage. See also INSECTS - "The Do Bee"

Here are the lyrics to the song that invited the kids to dance:

The Do Bee Dance Song

"Start buzzin' buzzin'
Here's your chance
Everybody's doing
The Do Bee dance
Let your feet fly
Your arms fly, too
Then buzz around
round and round
Like Do-Bee-do!

Keep the feet flying
Do Bee Do
Keep the wings flapping
Do Bee Do
That's all there is to it
That's the way we do it
The Do Bee
The Do Bee
Do Bee dance
Buzz! Buzz!
Do Bee Dance
Buzz! Buzz!
Do Bee Dance

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