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Solid Gold Dancers - 1985-86Solid Gold Dancers, The - Sexy troupe of dancers featured regularly on the music variety program SOLID GOLD/SYN/1980-88. During each program, The Solid Gold Dancers counted down the Top 10 hits of the week. As they danced about the stage like so much eye candy for the viewers, the weekly musical guests lip synched the week's most popular tunes. Over the years, the Solid Gold dancers on the program included:
  • Audrey K. Baranishyn

  • Paula Beyers

  • Kahea Olani Bright

  • Alex Cole

  • Gayle Crofoot

  • Janeen Damian/Best

  • Leslie Cook

  • Lucinda Dickey

  • Eileen Fairbanks

  • Chelsea Field

  • Tony Fields

  • Gigi Hunter

  • Cooley Jackson

  • Beverly Jeanne

  • Deborah Jenssen

  • Jamilah Lucas

  • Andrea Moen

  • Lezlie Mogell

  • Arlene Ng

  • Regan Patno

  • Helene Phillips

  • Nicole Romine

  • Pamela Rossi

  • Mark Sellers

  • Kelly Stubbs

  • Paul Michael Thorpe

  • Darrel Wright

  • Darcel Wynne

Besides the Solid Gold Dancers, other regulars on the show were Wayland Flowers and his puppet Madame; Marty Cohen; Mack and Jamie; Jeff Altman; and Nina Blackwood, a disk jockey who interviewed rock stars.

The Solid Gold Dancers Chat with Madame
The Solid Gold Dancers chat with Madame

During the last season, the show was retitled SOLID GOLD IN CONCERT (at which time musical artist performed live rather than lip synch their songs). In 1984, The Solid Gold Dancers released a a five-day workout exercise video.

Hosts of the program included Dionne Warwick, Marilyn McCoo, Andy Gibb, Rex Smith and Rick Dees (the only host who was not a professional singer). Comedian George Wallace and late night talk show host Arsenio Hall always appeared on the show.

Robert W. Morgan and Charlie O'Donnell were the off-screen announcers during the life of the series.

During the summer of 1984 actor Grand Goodeve hosted a weekday half-hour spin-off series entitled SOLID GOLD HITS.

Solid Gold was produced by Brad Lachman and Bob Banner in association with Operation Prime Time and Paramount Television.

TRIVIA NOTE: Solid Gold Dancer Cooley Jackson taught Pop Star Michael Jackson the dance steps (called the "backslide") which Michael later popularized as the "Moonwalk." The father of Solid Gold dancer Janeen Best's, actor James Best, played the role of bumbling Hazzard County Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on the rural CBS drama THE DUKES OF HAZZARD.

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