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Cynthia Geary as Shelly Tambo - NORTHERN EXPOSUREDancing Syndrome - On the rural adventure NORTHERN EXPOSURE/CBS/1990-95 waitress Shelly Tambo (Cynthia Geary) started to see dancers everywhere she looked (ballet, flamenco, tap, break dancers, etc.). As Shelly said "I see them where ever I go. But they're not there."

Chris Stevens (John Corbett) the town's philosophical deejay said it might have been a case of "religious ecstasy" like the burning bush or just "bad acid."

Finally, Eskimo Shaman Leonard Quinhagak (Graham Greene) saw Shelly and immediately knew that she was seeing dancers. He sees this kind of thing a couple of time of year (glazed eyes, slight rhythmic swaying). He told Shelly that the dancers were an expression of the subconscious (like a snake represents the penis).

Leonard summarized her problem by saying "Life is a dance. You need a partner." Jubilant, Shelly asked "So if I get hitched they'll disappear? Leonard replied "Yes...or No." Shelly quickly proposed to her beau Holling Vincoeur (John Cullum) and arranged for a minister. Soon after the "I Do's" were spoken, the dancers were gone.

On the episode "A-Hunting We Will Go" Eskimo teenager Ed Chigliak (Darren E. Burrows) struck by the mortality of his seventy-five-year-old friend Ruth Anne Miller (Peg Phillips), buys her a present that will last for ever-a burial plot. Upon seeing her gift, she asks Ed to dance (on her grave).

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