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Birth Dates - April  (Birth Stone - Diamond)
Date Person Program
April 1 (London) Joe McClaine Joe 90

April 1, 64 B.C.

Jeannie the Genie   I Dream of Jeannie  
April 4, 1960 FBI Agent John J. Doggett The X-Files

April 4, 2039 

Virgil Tracy  Thunderbirds

April 7, 1970

Ally McBeal  Ally McBeal  

April 9, 2841
or April 9, 2851
(He lied about his age)

Hubert J. Farnsworth   Futurama 

April 12  

Peg Bundy  Married...With Children

April 12, 1912

Ellery Queen  Adv. of Ellery Queen  

April 13 

Major Frank Burns M*A*S*H  

April 14

Jim Rockford  Rockford Files  

April 16

Cosmo Topper  Topper  

April 17

Sherlock Hemlock Sesame Street  

April 19, 1957

Paul Buchman  Mad About You  

April 23, 1952

Tony Micelli  Who's The Boss  


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