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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Abercrombie, Ian 01/26/2012 Seinfeld (Mr. Pitt) Unspecified
Abbott, Bud 04/24/1974 Abbott & Costello Show Cancer
Abbott, Philip 02/24/1998 The FBI  Cancer
Adams, Cecily  03/03/2004 (Deep Space Nine) Moogie  - Daughter of Don Adams  Lung Cancer
Adams, Don 09/25/2005 Get Smart (Agent 86) Lung Infection
Adams, Mason 04/26/2005 Lou Grant and Voice-overs for Smucker's ads Natural Causes
Adams, Nick 02/07/1968 The Rebel   Suicide - Overdose of Paraldehyde
Akins, Claude 01/27/1994 B. J. & the Bear Lobo Cancer
Albert, Eddie 05/26/2005 Green Acres Pneumonia
(Diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease 10 years earlier)
Albert, Edward

09/22/2006 Power Rangers, Port Charles, The Yellow Rose (Son of Eddie Albert) Lung Cancer
Albertson, Jack 11/25/1981 Chico & the Man Cancer
Albertson, Mabel 09/28/1982 Bewitched (Darrin's Mom) Alzheimer's Disease
Alexander, Ben 04/05/1969 Dragnet (Friday's Partner) Heart Failure
Allen, Dave 03/10/2005 Dave Allen Show (Irish Comedian on British TV) Sudden Death
Allen, Gracie 08/27/1964 Burns & Allen Show Heart Attack
Allen, Rex Sr. 12/17/1999 Narrator of Disney Nature Films Car Accident
Allen, Steve a.k.a. "Steverino" B: 12/26/1921
D: 10/30/2000

The Tonight Show and
Meeting of the Minds

Died peacefully in bed at the home of his son, Bill Allen who reported his father "was a little tired after dinner. He went to relax, peacefully, and never reawakened."
Allison, Fran 06/13/1989 Kukla, Fran & Ollie Heart Failure
Allman, Elvia 03/06/1992 I Love Lucy
(Chocolate Candy Conveyor Belt Episode) 
Beverly Hillbillies
Petticoat Junction
Allyson, June 07/08/2006 Movie & TV Actress
(Spokesperson for Depends)
Pulmonary respiratory failure and acute bronchitis
Anderson, "Eddie" Rochester 02//28/1977 The Jack Benny Program Heart Failure
Anderson, Lew 05/21/2006 Howdy Doody (Clarabell the Clown) Complications of prostate cancer
Andrews, Edward 03/08/1985 Broadside & Supertrain Heart Attack
Arden, Eve 11/12/1990 Our Miss Brooks Heart Failure
Arnaz, Desi D12/02/1986 I Love Lucy Cancer
Arness, James 06/03/2011 Gunsmoke (Marshal Dillon) Natural Causes
Arthur, Bea 04/25/2009 Maude and The Golden Girls Cancer
Arthur, Jean 06/19/1991 The Jean Arthur Show Heart Failure
Askin, Leon 06/03/2005 Hogan's Heroes (General Albert Burkhalter) Natural Causes
Autry, Gene 10/02/1998  The Gene Autry Show Cancer
Amsterdam, Morey 10/27/1996  The Dick Van Dyke Show  Heart Attack
Avery, Tex 08/26/1980 Animation Director for Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes cartoons Cancer

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