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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Cady, Frank 06/08/2012 Green Acres Died at 96 years
Callas, Charlie 01/27/2011 The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (Comedian), Switch Natural Causes
Campbell, William 04/29/2011

Veteran TV Actor (Star Trek, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason)

Natural Causes
Candy, John 03/05/1994   SCTV Heart Attack / Overweight
Cannon, J.D. 05/20/2005 McCloud
(Chief Peter B. Clifford)
Natural Causes
Carlisle, Kitty 04/17/2007 To Tell the Truth and
What's My Line
Heart Failure
Carey, Philip 02/06/2009 Laredo, One Life to Love &
1960s Granny Goose Commercial
Lung Cancer
Carey, Ron 01/16/2007 Barney Miller (Officer Levitt) Stroke
Carney, Art 11/09/2003 The Honeymooners Long Illness
Carradine, David 06/04/2009 Kung Fu Accidental Death (asphyxiation)
Carroll, Leo G. 10/16/1972  Topper &
The Man From UNCLE
Pneumonia & Cancer
Carson, Johnny 01/23/2005 The Tonight Show
Carter, Nell 01/23/2003 Gimme a Break Diabetes
Cash, Johnny 09/12/2003 Johnny Cash Show Diabetes & Lung
Cassidy, Jack 12/12/1976 Jet Man & Columbo  Burned to Death (Smoking)
Cazenove, Christopher 04/07/2010 Dynasty, Judge John Deed Septicaemia
Chapman, Graham 10/04/1989  Monty Python  Cancer
Charles, Ray 06/10/2004 Pepsi TV Spots Natural Causes
Chew, Robert F. 01/17/2013 The Wire (Proposition "Prop" Joe, a drug lord) Heart Failure in Sleep
Clark, Dick 04/18/2012 America Bandstand Heart Attack
Clayburgh, Jill 11/05/2010 Dirty Sexy Money, Leap of Faith, Nip Tuck, The Practice, Everthing's Relative, Trinity, Ally McBeal and TV Movies Leukemia
Coco, James 02/25/1987  The Dumplings &  Calucci's Department Heart Attack
Colby, Barbara  07/24/1975  Phyllis   Mugged - Gunshot To Lung
Coleman, Gary 05/28/2010 Diff'rent Strokes Intracranial Hemorrhage
Collins, Gary 10/13/2012 The Wackiest Ship in the Army, The Iron Horse, The Sixth Sense, The Home Show, Hour Magazine Natural Causes
Colvin, Jack 12/01/2005 The Incredible Hulk (reporter who chased Hulk) Complications from a stroke
Combs, Ray 06/02/1996 Family Feud  Suicide by Hanging
Conaway, Jeff 05/27/2011 Taxi, Babylon 5 Aspiration with overwhelming Pneumonia and sepsis." (Overuse of Prescription Drugs)
Connors, Chuck 11/10/1992 The Rifleman   Lung Cancer
Conrad, Michael 11/221983 Hill Street Blues  Cancer of Urethra
Coogan, Jackie 03/01/1984   The Addams Family  Cardiac Arrest
Cooke, Alistair 03/30/2004 Masterpiece Theatre & Letters to America Lung Cancer
Cooper, Jackie 05/03/2011 Our Gang Comedies, People's Choice, Hennesey, Mobile One Died of old age at a nursing facility in Santa Monica, Calif
Corden, Henry 05/19/2005 Voice of Fred Flintstone (after Alan Reed died in 1977) Emphysema
Corley, Pat 09/11/2006 Veteran Film and TV Actor Murphy Brown (Bartender) Congestive Heat Failure (after Coronary Surgery)
Cornelius, Don 02/01/2012 Soul Train (Host) Suicide
Correa-McMullen, Tara 10/21/2005 Judging Amy (Played Graciela Reyes) Killed by Gunshot
Costello, Lou 03/03/1959 Abbott & Costello Show Heart Attack
Courtney, Nicholas 02/22/2011 Dr. Who (Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart) Illness/Cancer
Cox, Wally 02/15/1973 Mr. Peepers   Heart Attack
Craig, Yvonne 08/17/2015 Batman (Batgirl) Breast Cancer
Crane, Bob 06/29/1978  Hogan's Heroes Bludgeoned with tire iron
Cranshaw, Patrick 12/28/2005 Film/TV Character Actor Natural Causes
Crenna, Richard 01/17/2003 Our Miss Brooks / Real McCoys / Judging Amy Cancer
Culp, Robert 03/24/2010 I Spy, The Greatest American Hero, and Everybody Loves Raymond Fell on Street and Hit Head
Curtis, Dan 03/27/2006 Creator of Dark Shadows Brain Tumor
Curtis, Tony 09/29/2010 The Persuaders!, McCoy, Vega$ Cardiac Arrest

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