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 Death - TV Characters

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Cause of Death Person Program
Fell to death through glass skylight trying to grasp the Rambaldi Sphere Irina Derevko, Sydney's Mother Alias
Multiple shots to the body by Sydney Bristow - but by the power of Ramaldi sphere, he came back to life. Dying Jack Bristow - wounded with three shots to his chest - exploded the Rambaldi tomb and trapped Arvin, now immortal, for eternity. Arvin Sloane Alias
Subway Bomb Explosion (he couldn't stop countdown) Agent Thomas Grace Alias
Machined-gunned down by terrorist Kelly Peyton The Twelve Alias
Fake Sydney slashed a knife across her throat Renee Alias
Accidentally killed by her father (Arvin Sloane) when he pushed her into a glass coffee table. A shard of glass cut into her throat. Nadia Santos (Sydney's Half-sister) Alias
Murdered by SD6 Sydney Bristow's boyfriend Alias
Murdered Wife of Thomas Grace Alias
Fatal Stroke  Edith Bunker / Housewife All in the Family
Brain Tumor 
(Cerebral Hemorrhage)
Billy Allen Thomas / Lawyer  Ally McBeal  
Killed Serving in Irag Conrado Gonzalez/Doctor American Family
Vaporized Saving Others  Allen Francis Doyle / Demon Angel
Knife to the throat Lila / Lawyer for Wolfram & Hart Angel
Coma Complication after the birth of her child Cordelia "Cordy" Chase Angel
Body possessed by demon Goddess named Illyria Winifred "Fred" Burkle (Illyria) Angel
Killed by Demon Cyvus Vail Wesley Wyndham- Pryce / Demon Hunter/Ex-Watcher Angel
Shot by Lorne (Lindsey's last words "A...flunky? Angel kills me!" Lindsey / Evil Lawyer
at Wolfram & Hart
Killed by Angel Hamilton / Head Evil Lawyer at Wolfram & Hart Angel
Killed by Charles Gunn Senator Brucker / Evil Politician Angel
Gunn is mortally wounded but he battles horde of demons Streetwise Vampire Hunter Angel
Killed Marilyn Polarski Army Wives
Killed Dr. Chris Ferlhingetti Army Wives
Killed Betty Camden Army Wives
Killed in a bombing at the Hump Bar Amanda Joy Holden Army Wives
Fatally wounded in the line of duty in Afghanistan SPC Jeremy Sherwood Army WIves

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