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 Death - TV Characters

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Cause of Death Person Program
Heart Failure Charles Jackson, Annie's father 7th Heaven
Suicide  Dr. Wendy Armstrong  St. Elsewhere
Fatal Stroke Dr. Daniel Auschlander  St. Elsewhere
Heart Attack Dr. Elliot Axelrod St. Elsewhere
AIDS Dr. Robert Caldwell St. Elsewhere
Suicide (Leaped from Hospital) Mental Patient St. Elsewhere
Crushed by Faulty Hospital Bed Mrs. Hufnagel  St. Elsewhere
Shot to death by nurse Rapist Dr. Peter White St. Elsewhere
Poisoned by Lucille Richards Travis Peterson Savannah
Toxic glue on flap of wedding invitation envelopes Susan, George's Fiancée   Seinfeld  
Shot in head (thorugh left cheek) by his corrupt partner, Vic Mackey Detective Terry Crowley The Shield
Grenade Shane blows up his partner The Shield
Fell from top of bleachers onto raceway parking lot Maude Flanders  The Simpsons 
Unknown causes  "Bleeding Gums" Murphy  The Simpsons 
Unknown causes Dr. Marvin Monroe The Simpsons    
Shot by Kidnappers Elaine Lefkowitz Dallas  Soap
Rare strain of virus
(but came back to life)
Jessica Tate  Soap
Shot by Firing Squad Jessica Gatling Tate  Soap
Stabbed, shot, strangled,   suffocated & bludgeoned by Chester Tate Peter Campbell  Soap
Whacked Tony Blundetto Sopranos
Whacked in Woods Adriana La Cerva Sopranos
Whacked (Shot - 22 bullets -  in a muddy gulch while jogging in Jersey forest) Mikey Palmice, Consigliere Sopranos
Whacked (rat stuffed in mouth) Jimmy Altierei (a snitch) Sopranos
Whacked by Soprano, Dante and Gualtieri (Shot, put in a plastic bag, wrapped in chains and dumped in the ocean) Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bompensiero (His nickname inspired by his former career as a "cat burglar" Sopranos
Whacked (by Christopher)  Barry Haydu  Sopranos 
Whacked (Shot in chest)  Richie Aprile  (killed by Janice) Sopranos
Whacked (by Vito Spatafore) Jackie Aprile Jr. Sopranos
Whacked Patsy Parisi Sopranos
Whacked Philly Parisi (Patsy's Identical Twin Brother) Sopranos
Died of Natural Causes Mama Livia Soprano Sopranos
Heart Attack on the Toilet (Worse than being whacked) Gigi Cestone Sopranos
Whacked (Beat to Death) Ralphie's Stripper girlfriend Sopranos
Whacked Naked Lorraine Calluzzo Sopranos
Whacked  Ralph Cifaretto  Sopranos
Dies in car accident Bobby Baccalieri's wife, Karen Sopranos
Shot in Toy Store by Two Hit Men Thugs Bobby Baccalieri (Now Married to Tony Soprano's sister Janice Sopranos
Shot in Head. SUV rolls over his head and crushes it. Witness says "Oh shit!" Phil Leotardo Sopranos
Blasted by an alien spaceship, trampled by a herd of cattle, then run over by a police cruiser (Died in 1997 after other numerous killings that spawned the phrase "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!" Kenny, the kid in the orange coat that covered all of his face but for his eyes. His voice was muffled as he spoke through the hood of his heavy coat. South Park
Red Uniforms Landing Party Members Star Trek
Explosion caused by an energy ribbon (a doorway to The Nexus) when it hit Enterprise-D. Kirk is reincarnated inside the Nexus, a place of bliss and comfort, but because he needs risk and challenge in his life, Kirk decides to leave the Nexus with Captain Jean Luc Picard (also in the Nexus) to defeat a scientist named Dr. Tolian Soran who wanted to explode a star to pull the energy ribbon to his location so he could rejoin the Nexus  ("where time has no meaning") and the illusion of being with his family who were killed by the Borg 80 years earlier. While Kirk and Picard try to stop Soran, Kirk is killed for good. Kirk had predicted earlier in his life that he would die alone, but while he died alone in the explosion on the Enterprise-D, Picard was by his side in the very end.

Note: If Picard and Kirk had not wished to leave The Nexus, the entire crew of the Enterprise-D (the saucer section) would have died along with the millions of other inhabitants of the planetary system through which The Nexus had passed.

Captain James. T. Kirk Star Trek: Generations (The Movie)
Burned to death in a fire. Robert and Rene Picard (Jean Luc Picard's brother and nephew) Star Trek: Generations (The Movie)
Bendii Syndrome Sarek (Spock's Father) Star Trek: The Next Generation
Killed in Action by a Black Tar-Like Alien Being Security Chief Lt. Tasha Yar Star Trek: The Next Generation
Killed by Alien Energy Blast  Science Officer Jadzia Dax Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Killed by Errant Staff Blast Dr. Janet Frasier Stargate SG 1
Deadly dose of radiation (Ascends to a higher plane of existence) Dr. Daniel Jackson   Stargate SG-1
Killed by Pack of Wild Dogs Guy Blank, Jerri's Father Strangers with Candy
Heart Attack During Sex Ben, Vicki's Husband Suddenly Susan

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