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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Dagmar 10/09/2001 Broadway Open House
and Dagmar's Canteen
Natural Causes
Dangerfield, Rodney 10/'05/2004 Comedian ("I don't get no respect") Complications from Heart Surgery
Dark, Danny 06/13/2004 Voice on Superman programs and Bewitched Natural Causes
Davis, Ann B. 06/01/2014 The Brady Bunch (Alice) and The Bob Cummings Show (Schultzy) Subdural Hematoma (Fell and hit head - never regained consciousness)
Davis. Ossie 02/04/2005 Evening Shade
(played Ponder Blue)
Natural Causes
Dawson, Richard 06/02/2012 Family Feud, Hogan's Heroes Esophageal Cancer
Day, Dennis 06/22/1988 The Jack Benny Program Lou Gehrig's Disease
Day, Lorraine 11/10/2007 Daydreaming with Laraine, Double Play, Lux Video Theatre Cancer
De Angelis, Richard 12/28/2005 The Wire Congestive Heat Failure/Prostate Cancer
DeCarlo, Yvonne 01/08/2007 The Munsters (Lily Munster) Natural Causes
DeKova, Frank 10/15/1981 F Troop (Chief Wild Eagle) Natural Causes
DeLuise, Dom 05/04/2009 The Dean Martin Show Kidney Failure
DeWilde, Brandon 07/06/1972  Jamie (TV series) and Shane (the film) Auto Accident
Dean, Jimmy 06/13/2010 The Jimmy Dean Show and song "Big Bad John" Natural Causes (Died watching TV)
Denver, Bob 09/02/2005 Dobie Gillis (Maynard G. Krebs) and Gilligan's Island Complications following Surgery for Throat Cancer
Denver, John 10/12/1997 Musical Specials  Small Plane Crash
Diller, Phyllis 08/20/2012 The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show and The Pruitts of Southampton Undisclosed Causes. Died at age of 95
Dinsdale, Shirley May 9, 1999 The Judy Splinters Show Cancer
Donner, Robert 06/08/2006 Exidor on Mork & Mindy Heart Attack
Doohan, James 07/20/2005 Star Trek (Scotty) Pneumonia & Alzheimer's Disease
Douglas, Mike 08/11/2006 Talk Show Host on The Mike Douglas Show Dehydration/Unknown Causes
Doyle, David 02/26/1997   Charlie's Angels Heart Attack
Duel, Peter 12/31/1971  Alias Smith & Jones  Suicide/.38 Caliber
To the Head
Duggan, Andrew 05/15/1988  Lancer &
Bourbon Street Beat
Duncan, Lee 09/20/1960 Dog Trainer of Rin TIn Tin Bone Cancer
Dunn, Michael 08/29/1973 The Wild Wild West Dwarfism / Suicide(?)
Durant, Don 03/15/2005 Johnny Ringo Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Dye, John 01/10/2010 Touched By An Angel (played "Andrew the Angel") Heart Failure

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