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 Death - TV Actors

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Personality Death Date Remembered For Cause of Death
Hagen, Kevin 07/09/2005 Little House on the Prairie (played Dr. Hiram Baker) Esophageal Cancer
Haim, Corey 03/10/2010 Roomies, The Edison Twins Drug Overdose
Hairston, Jester 01/18/2000 Amos 'n' Andy   Natural Causes
Hale, Alan, Jr. 01/02/1990  Gilligan's Island  Cancer of Thymus
Hall, Jon 12/13/1979  Ramar of the Jungle  Suicide
Hall, Kevin Peter 04/04/1991   Harry & The Hendersons   AIDS
Hamer, Rusty 1990   Make Room for Daddy  Suicide
Hamilton, Carrie 01/21/2002 Fame   Lung Cancer
Hanna, William "Bill" 03/22/2001 Co-Creator of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons (Yogi Bear, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby-Doo Throat Cancer
Harris, Jonathan 11/03/2002 Lost in Space (Dr. Smith) Blood Clot in Heart
Harrison, George 11/29/2001 The Beatles
 (Animated Series)
Lung Cancer
Hart, Kitty Carlisle 04/17/2007 Game show regular
To Tell the Truth and What's My Line?
Heart Failure
Hartman, Phil 05/28/1998 Saturday Night Live &
(Killed by Wife) 
Havoc. June 03/28/2010 Willy, The June Havoc Show/More Havoc, and Search for Tomorrow (Havoc, the younger sister of famed stripper Gypsy Rose Lee) Natural Causes
Hayes, Isaac 08/10/2008 South Park ("Chef"); Theme from the movie Shaft ("Right on. Can you dig it...shut your mouth") Stroke (Found collapsed near a treadmill)
Hayes, Ron 10/01/2004 Everglades Subdural hematoma as the result of a fall
Hegyes, Robert 01/26/2012 Welcome Back, Kotter Heart Attack
Hemphill, Shirley 12/10/1999 What's Happening!!  Kidney Failure
Hemsley, Sherman 07/24/2012 All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Amen Natural Causes
Henderson, Skitch 11/01/2005 The Tonight Show
Natural Causes
Hendrickson, Paul 07/09/2006 As the World Turns Suicide (Gunshot to Head)
Henning, Paul 03/25/2005 Beverly Hillbillies
(TV Producer)
Natural Causes
Henson, Jim 05/16/1990 The Muppets  Bacterial Pneumonia
Henry, Emmaline 10/08/1979  I Dream of Jeannie Cancer
Herbert, Don 06/12/2007 Watch Mr. Wizard Cancer
Hewett, Christopher 08/03/2001 Mr. Belvedere Diabetic Complications
Hexum, Jon-Erik 10/18/1984  Voyagers   Accidental Head Gunshot
Hill, Arthur 10/'22/'2006 Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law Alzheimer's Disease
Hill, Benny 04/20/1992  The Benny Hill Show  Heart Attack 
Hindman, Earl 12/29/2003 Home Improvement &
Ryan's Hope
Lung Cancer
Hines, Gregory 08/09/2003 Will & Grace Cancer
Holden, William  11/12/1981 The Blue Knight Drinking, fell, hit head, bled to death
Holm, Celeste 07/15/2012 Honestly, Celeste, Nancy and miultiple roles in TV Movies, Miniseries, Plays and Films Heart Attack
Hope, Bob 07/27/2003 TV Specials & 60 Movies Pneumonia (at age 100)
Hopper, William 3/06/1970 Perry Mason (Paul Drake) Pneumonia
Horton, Edward Everett 09/29/1970 F Troop (Medicine Man Roaring Chicken), Narrator of Fractured Fairy Tales cartoons Cancer
Houseman, John 10/31/1988 The Paper Chase &
Smith Barney Ads
Spinal Cancer
Hovis, Larry 09/09/2003 Hogan's Heroes Cancer
Howard, Jerome "Curly" 01/18/1952 The Three Stooges Stroke
Howard, Moe 05/04/1975   The Three Stooges  Lung Cancer
Hoyt, John 09/15/1996 Gimme a Break Cancer
Hudson, Rock 10/02/1985  McMillan & Wife AIDS
Hughes, Barnard 07/11/2006 Blossom, Mr. Merlin and The Cavanaughs Died after a brief illness
Hyland, Diana 03/27/1977   Eight Is Enough Cancer  

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