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Bob Newhart as Dick LoudonThe Great White Buck - On episode No. 131 "The Buck Stops Here" on the sitcom NEWHART/CBS/1982-90 writer Dick Loudon (Bob Newhart) was motoring along a Vermont road near his home when he hit and killed the Great White Buck. Unfortunately, for Dick, the deer was the symbol of good luck for the area. When the townsfolk heard of the incident, many thought Armageddon was close at hand and bad luck would reign supreme.

To avert such a catastrophe, Dick Loudon was asked to perform a ritual ceremony known as "The Rite of the Dancing Wood Nymph." Indignant, Dick refused shouting "I'm not going to go prancing through the woods like a pixie."

Evidence of the bad luck soon manifested itself when a normal guy actually dumped Stephanie, the town's prettiest girl. In an attempt to put everyone's fears to rest, Dick finally commiserated and donned a burlap costume and a set of deer antlers. Wielding a staff topped by a pine cone, Dick tippy-toed in a circle, flapped his hooves and completed the solemn, if not humiliating ritual. The entire ceremony was recorded for posterity.

Upon reviewing the videotape, the townsfolk saw another white buck in the background and dubbed it "Son of White Buck." With the emergence of the new deer, the town's good fortune returned and much to his chagrin, Dick realized the whole ritual in the woods had been a waste of time.

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