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Syndrome, The - Environmental illness featured on the sci-fi series EARTH 2/NBC/1994-95. The "Syndrome" was the by-product of sustained life onboard orbiting space stations. Two hundred years into the future most earthlings fled the polluted planet Earth to the sterile safety of orbiting space stations.

Now forced to continually breath filtered air and reconstituted substances (water), the descendants of the original space station inhabitants became afflicted with The Syndrome. It symptoms included underdeveloped bodies, weakness and asthma.

One such victim was Ulysses Adair (Joey Zimmerman), the son of Devon Adair (Debrah Farentino). To help her son escape the "bubble like" living environment Devon formulated an expedition (although unsanctioned) to an unexplored planet called G-889, hoping the organic environment and fresh air would help cure her son. In the mean time Ulysses was forced to wear a clumsy encounter suit.

Ulysses Adair in his Encounter Suit
"Ulysses Adair in his Encounter Suit"

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