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Quincy - Basset hound companion of Luther Van Dam (Jerry Van Dyke), the assistant coach for the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles football team. on the sitcom COACH/ABC/1989-97. The dog's main tricks were to lie in one place and do nothing and to ride in a little red wagon -- because he was too lazy to walk.

On episode No. 101 "The Belly of the Beast" Quincy bites a MSU cheerleader and Luther's friend Coach Hayden Fox (Craig T. Nelson) defends the dog in court.

On episode No. 145 "Johnsonwreckers" Quincy swallows the Super Bowl ring of Jimmy Johnson, a former Dallas Cowboy football coach.

On episodes No. 161/162 "There's Got to Be a Mourning After" Luther's beloved dog, Quincy dies and Luther has a funeral where he invites both humans and Quincy's canine pals. At the end of the service, Luther's friends present him with a puppy as a replacement.

A dog named Isaac played the role of Quincy. A veteran performer, Quincy appeared in a recurring role on NBC's daytime soap opera SANTA BARBARA; and in a series of Purina Dog Food commercials.

Isaac was owned and trained by Cheryl Shawver who reported that Isaac "was chosen for the part because he was not pretty." Isaac died during the show's production and replaced for a short time, until the dog was written out of the show during the funeral episode.

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