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Biskitts, The - Group of miniature medieval pups on the half-hour Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon THE BISKITTS/CBS/1983-84.

Living in a swamp on Biskitt Island, The Biskitts were given the task of caring for the crown jewels of Biskett Castle left by the Island's late king.

Coveting the treasure was the king's brother Max (voice of Kenneth Mars), his jester, Shecky (Kip King) and their two dogs, Fang (Peter Cullen) and Snarl (Kenneth Mars). A wildcat named Scratch was also an enemy of The Biskitts.

The Biskitts included Waggs (Darryl Hickman); Lady (B.J. Ward); Scat (Dick Beals); Sweets (Kathleen Helppie); Shiner (Jerry Houser); Wiggle (Jennifer Darling); Downer (Henry Gibson); Scatch and Dog Foot (Peter Cullen); Mooch (Marshall Efron); and Spinner, Bump and Flip (Bob Holt).

Opening Narration

Hidden away deep in the swamp lies tiny Biskitt Castle
Home of the smallest dogs in the world: The Biskitts!
For years kings have entrusted their royal treasure to these pups. Now from a nearby castle rules the wasteful king Max.

King Max:  Shecky! We must find the royal treasure! 
Shecky:       Oh, yes sire!

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