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 Dogs at a Glance (real dogs no cartoons)
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Rebel German Shepherd Ricky North Adv. of Champion
Rin Tin Tin German Shepherd Corporal Rusty Adv. of Rin Tin Tin
Spuds McKenzie White English Bull Terrier No owner Anheuser-Busch Ads


Meatball White Bull Terrier "Pappy" Boyington Baa Baa Black Sheep
(Dog's real name)
Malamute Beastmaster's Companion Beastmaster
Benji Mongrel blend of Cocker Spaniel, Poodle and Schnauzer (No owner) Benji, Zax and the Alien Prince
Claude French Poodle Mrs. Milburn Drysdale The Beverly Hillbillies
Duke Bloodhound Jed Clampett The Beverly Hillbillies
Maximillion German Shepherd Jamie Summers The Bionic Woman
Blackjack Great Dane Nancy Blansky Blansky's Beauties
Daisy "Purebred Mongrel" Dagwood Bumstead Blondie
Lobo A fake dog - generated by a tape recorder - used to chase away intruders at her apartment Carol Kester, Bob's secretary The Bob Newhart Show
Leo Bull Dog & Terrier Mix Officer Bumper Morgan The Blue Knight
Gypsy Rose Dog Miniature Poodle Sylvia Schmitt Bob


Buck Malamute Miles Challenger Call of the Wild
Broderick & Elizabeth Bull Dogs Captain & Tenille The Captain & Tennille
Snoopy Beagle Charlie Brown Charlie Brown Cartoons
Warren Bull Dog Charlie Hoover Charlie Hoover
Checkers Cocker Spaniel Richard M. Nixon "Checkers Speech" on TV
Gordon Howe Kronk, Jr. Mix of a terrier (his coat), a German shepherd (his color) and a wolf (his built). Dr. Billy Kronk Chicago Hope
Singer Lee N/A Sam Houston Holcombe Christy
Quincy Bassett Hound Coach Hayden Fox Coach
Dog (a.k.a. Fang) Bassett Hound Lt. Columbo Columbo
Chinook White German Shepherd Corky Brady (a girl) "Corky & The White Shadow" segments on
The Mickey Mouse Club


Earnest Bloodhound Dave Barry Dave's World
Ruff Airdale Mix Dennis Mitchell Dennis the Menace
Fremont Wire Scotch Cairn Terrier George & Martha Wilson Dennis the Menace
Stinky Briard Mutt Mix Dharma Finkelstein Dharma & Greg
Nunzio Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dharma Finkelstein Dharma & Greg
Yoda (?) Amanda Bentley Diagnosis Murder
Larry German Shepherd Buddy Sorrell The Dick Van Dyke Show
Wolf Wolf Byron Sully Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Mattisse Black-and-White Scottish Border Collie Dave Whiteman Down & Out in Beverly Hills
Antonio Pug Mimi Bobeck The Drew Carey Show
Speedy Golden Retriever Drew Carey The Drew Carey Show
Diefenbaker Wolf Hybrid Constable Benton Fraser Due South
Flash Basset hound Roscoe P. Coltrane The Dukes of Hazzard

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