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Blood Hounds

Duke - Wrinkly bloodhound dog (played by Stretch) featured on the sitcom THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES/CBS/1962-71. Duke belonged to Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen), an Ozark hillbilly who discovered oil on his property when he was "shooting at some food." After the Clampetts moved to Beverly Hills, Duke the family hunting dog did nothing but sit around their mansion and sleep all day. Lamenting Jed said "There's a dog who could trail a butterfly through a rain storm. Now he couldn't smell cabbage cooking."

Duke with the Clampett Family

In episode No. 22 "Duke Steals a Wife," Duke becomes matchmaker for his master and a beautiful Frenchwoman; and in episode No. 30 "Duke Becomes a Father" the Frenchwoman returns to the Clampett mansion with her dog and a litter of puppies sired by Duke.

When Stretch the dog who played Duke had reached the age of 13, he was replaced by a younger bloodhound. Stretch also appeared in the military comedy film No Time for Sergeants (1958) starring Andy Griffith as newly recruited army private Will Stockdale.

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