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SnufflesSnuffles - Brown hound dog who loved doggie treats seen on the cartoon series QUICK DRAW MCGRAW/CBS/1959.

Snuffles was called into action when equine marshal Quick Draw McGraw was on the trail of a bad guy. But before Snuffles would use his "sniffing" abilities to track down the criminals, he first had to be fed a special doggie-biscuit treat. Pointing to his mouth, Snuffles directed Quick Draw to feed him.

When Snuffles swallowed his doggie treat, he began to joyfully swoon with delight (voiced by Daws Butler), hug himself, levitate into mid-air and then slowly return to earth as he concluded his orgasmic eating frenzy.

If Snuffles didn't receive a treat, he refused to do his tracking duties. So, Quick Draw made certain that he kept doggie treats in his arsenal of weapons. But sometimes, the supply ran low and that's when Snuffles showed his semi-loyalty to his job. Snuffles' snack-loving trait was later incorporated into the personality of a dog named Scooby Doo. In 1974, Snuffles the dog appeared on the cereal box cover of Kellogg's Apple Jacks.

Another dog to euphorically float into the air appeared on the cartoon series DASTARDLY & MUTTLEY IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES/CBS/1969-71. This dog was named Muttley, the villainous, fumbling henchdog of Dick Dastardly who pursued Yankee Doodle Pigeon, a courier bird. Whenever Dick awarded his dog with a medal for a job well done, a proud Muttley floated into the air.

TRIVIA NOTE: The name "Snuffles" was the name of the Jennifer Malloy's childhood cat (poisoned by her mother, Maureen in an attempt to kill her husband) mentioned on the sitcom UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER/WB/1995-99.

Snuffles (a.k.a. "rabbit septicemia") is the name of a sometimes fatal upper respiratory infection common in rabbits.

In toy terms, Snuffles® is a teddy bear doll (comes in chocolate brown, white, and honey beige) introduced by the Gund Company in 1981.

In literature, wizard-in-training Harry Potter has a protector/godfather named Sirius Black (a.k.a. "Padfoot" and "Snuffles"), an animagus (once a Prisoner of Azkaban) who can morph into a big black dog.

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