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Jack Russell Terrier

Bijoux - Small, yappy, ill-tempered Jack Russell Terrier dog on the police drama HOOPERMAN/ABC/1987-89.

John Ritter and Bijoux

Bijoux was willed to San Francisco police detective Harry Hooperman (John Ritter) by his landlady after her murder. The will had one important stipulation: Hooperman could have her apartment house if he took care of her dog. Since Bijoux hated cops, their partnership was off to a "ruff" start.

Bijoux's real name was Little Britches'. She was owned and trained by animal handler Cindy James, the stepdaughter of Edgar Rice Burroughs (of Tarzan fame).

In 1954, Cindy was the first woman animal trainer to be accepted into the Los Angles Teamsters Union.

For fun, Little Britches'  ("the dog from hell") loved to chase mice and to eat a Canadian meat treat called Rollover.

Little Britches' other credits included TV commercials for Kibbles and Bits, MCI, and Church's Chicken and the feature film Harry and the Hendersons (1987). Little Britches' died in 1999 at the age of fourteen.

TRIVIA NOTE: The Jack Russell terrier breed was established in the early l9th century by the Reverend Jack Russell of Devon, England. He was an avid fox hunter and needed a dog with spirit and endurance.

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