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Petey the Pup - White American Pit Bull Terrier (registered with the UKC in 1936 as a Staffordshire Terrier) seen in Hal Roach's Depression era Our Gang and The Little Rascals comedies.

Petey the Pup
Petey the Pup from the Our Gang Comedies

Petey ("Pete") the Pup sported a thin black circle around its left eye (sometimes right). He appeared in such comedy shorts as Lazy Days (1929); Fly My Kite (1931); For Pete's Sake (1934); and The Pooch (1932).

Over the run of the Our Gang Comedies, a number of dogs played the role of Petey the Pup whose character appeared through 1938. Other sources have described Petey as a Pit Bull, and a Bull Dog.

Pete the Pup also appeared in 1930s ad campaigns as Tige the Dog for Buster Brown Shoes. ("I'm Buster Brown. I Live in a show. That's my dog, Tige. He lives there, too.")

Pete is buried at the Aspen Hill Pet Cemetery, 13630 Georgia Avenue in Silver Springs, Maryland (some claim he's buried in Calabasas, California).

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