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Eliot Shag - Canine Muppet dog on the half-hour live-action/animated series DOG CITY/FOX/1992-95.

Eliot Shag - DOG CITY
Eliot Shag, creator of Ace Heart

Eliot Shag (voice of Kevin Clash) was the creator of a cartoon series about a private eye pooch named Ace Hart (Ron White). Set in Dog City, Ace solved crimes with the help of his canine companions Bugsy, Bruiser, Eddie, Frisky, and Kitty.

The program inter-cut the live-action of Eliot Shag and his friends (Colleen, Artie and Bruno) with the animated Ace Hart adventures.

Produced by the Jim Henson and Nelvana Productions, the series was a spin-off of a Muppet sketch that first aired on the JIM HENSON HOUR/NBC/1989.

Ace Heart - Private Detective Pooch
Private Eye Pooch Ace Heart

 Eliot Shag and Muppet Cast of DOG CITY
Muppet Cast of DOG CITY

Jim Henson's DOG CITY

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