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Alex the Stroh's Beer Dog - Mixed-breed retriever seen on a series of successful Stroh's beer commercials in the 1980s.

Alex and His Master

In the commercials (which began around 1984) Alex exhibited a wonderfully unique talent. When given the command, Alex could run to the refrigerator, open it up and then retrieve containers of ice-cold Stroh's beer for his thirty master.

In one of the ad spots, some guys are playing poker and one guy says "Alex, get me a beer."

Then the dog goes into the kitchen and you hear the sound of the refrigerator opening. "That's Alex opening the refrigerator," the guy brags to his friend.

Then you hear a bottle popping and a pouring sound. "That's Alex pouring the beer."

Then you hear the sound of a dog lapping up some fluids. The guy yells, "Hey, that better be your water!"

Alex was trained by Alvin Mears of Alvin Animal Rentals who discovered Alex at an animal shelter. The dog was as tall as a Great Dane and appeared to be a mix of Golden Retriever and Irish Setter.

During his hey day as a popular spokes-pooch for Stroh's, Alex (whose real name was Banjo) toured the country for Stroh's Brewery appearing in parades, charitable events, convention photo-ops, radio talk shows and TV shows like GOOD MORNING AMERICA and THE TODAY SHOW.

In addition, numerous products like toys, posters and a line of cologne, shampoo and hand lotion touted Alex's popularity. In one print ad Alex even rode a motorcycle.

Alex remained the mascot for Stroh's Beer until the company was sold in the early 1990s and the new owners dropped the campaign. Alex (Banjo) died of cancer a few years later. The Stroh's Brewery closed in 1999selling off their labels and breweries to Pabst and Miller.

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