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Dreyfuss - Large brown dog on the situation comedy EMPTY NEST/NBC/1988-95.


Dreyfuss was the family pet and confidant of Dr. Harry Weston (Richard Mulligan) a widower pediatrician living in Miami Beach, Florida.

The dog's trainer Joel Silverman described Bear (Dreyfuss' real name) as a mix of purebred St. Bernard (mother) and Golden Retriever (father).

Among Bears' many talents was his ability to climb inside the kitchen cabinet and close the door behind him.

Bear's brother Julio occasionally stood in as Dreyfuss. His sister, Bodi appeared in the movie Steel Magnolias (1989). Bear also appeared on the frontier drama FATHER MURPHY/NBC/1981-84.

Dreyfuss Quotes


Carol said we could use her scale to weigh Dreyfuss. Ok first you get on alone. What does it say?


I can't tell. After 115 Carol's written a bunch of big black letters that say FAT FAT PIG PIG FAT FAT FAT. -- Episode "A Family Affair"

Harry: She was right to bring him in. I mean loss of appetite is an important symptom. Come to think of it, Dreyfuss has not been eating very well lately either. I think I'll take him in for a checkup. Laverne, you know it's amazing how much other people can teach you about yourself.
Laverne: Shew!! I gotta write that gem down! Yeah, that's gonna change a lotta people's lives!
Harry: I think I'll take him in right after work. You know, I always say better safe than sorry.
Laverne: Better safe than sorry. Lordy Doctor, we gonna have to get you a long white beard and put you on a mountaintop! 
Carol: Dreyfuss must be so frightened spending the night all alone at the vet's.
Barbara: Poor thing. I bet they have him in one of those little hospital gowns that don't close in the back.
-- Episode "The Dreyfuss Affair"

Dreyfus the Dog and his human friends
Dreyfuss and his human friends

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