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Happy - West Highland White Terrier cross featured on episodes of the domestic drama 7th HEAVEN/WB/1996+.

Happy the Dog with the Camden Family

On episode "Anything You Want" Simon Camden (David Gallagher) wanted a dog, so his family went to the dog pound and found a perky little shaggy white terrier that they named Happy. When Happy was found in a pound, he was going to be put-down in 24 hours until he was rescued by the Camdens.

While trying to train Happy, Simon asked his new dog to sit, lie down and roll over. When Happy did all these things without a whimper, Simon declares "He's a genius."

TRIVIA NOTE: Shawn Weber, one of Happy's trainer on the show said that when Happy was found in real-life, he was sitting next to a sign that read: "My name is Happy. Please take me home." Unlike many terrier breeds whose behavior is hyper, Happy (a mixed breed) is laid-back and easy to be with.

Before her stint on 7TH HEAVEN Happy was wandering the street alone until she was taken in by a veterinary clinic. One day, a trainer from Boone's Animals for Hollywood discovered the dog, named her Happy and the rest is TV history. Another of Happy's trainers is Shawna Suffredini.

On filming days, Happy works about two or three hours and because its is difficult to find a exact mixed-breed look-alike for Happy, she does all of her own stunts and tricks. A talent canine, Happy has learned to wear clothes (tutus, rain boots, hats), cover her eyes with her paws, and shake her head on cue.

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