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Spike - Yorkshire terrier owned by comedian Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers and Spike in MILK ad campaign
Joan Rivers and Spike in a Milk Ad

According to an article in TV Guide (7/17/93 p.26) Joan Rivers described her diminutive dog's as being "Half-Yorkie, half rat" and revealed that Spike's hobbies included karate-kicking at fire hydrants and sleeping. His favorite food is rare roast beef sandwich, no mayo or mustard.

Joan Rivers brought Spike, her other Yorkie, Veronica on-air during her QVC shopping channel appearances as she sold her own line of jewelry. As Joan reported, "Spike usually stays on the show with me the entire time. Veronica comes on second. Sometimes she'll nap, and sometimes she won't."

Joan also has a third dog named Lulu (Lulabell), a Boston Terrier, who was an engagement gift from Joan's fiancée Orin Lehman. Lulu also appeared Joan's QVC show. 

Joan Rivers and her dogs, Spike, Veronica and Lulu
Joan and her dogs

The corporate logo of Rivers' PGHM (Please God Help Me) Productions featured an image of her beloved Spike in a prayerful pose with a halo over his head.

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