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Chatty Cathy - Talking doll first advertised on television in 1960. The Chatty-Cathy doll featured a pull-string at the back of her neck that activated a built-in 3-inch vinyl turntable/record in her tummy that recited 11 classic phrases at random including "Will you play with me?" and "Tell me a story."

Mattel's Chatty Cathy Doll

The original Chatty Cathy sported a blonde hair, blue eyes, and wore a blue satin hair ribbon, two-toned blue party dress, eyelet shorty blouse, dark blue velveteen shoes, panties, petticoat and socks.

The doll also came with an eight-page story-book, shoe horn, wrist tag, warranty and a numbered certificate of authority.

Costing less than $20, Chatty Cathy came in a variety of skin tones (such as an African American model), hair colors (blonde, brunette and redhead), eye colors (blue and brown) and models like Charmin' Chatty, Chatty Baby, Singin' Chatty and Tiny Chatty Baby. Later versions of Chatty Cathy spoke 18 phrases.

Vocal artist June Foray provided the original prototype for Cathy Chatty's voice [circa 1959]. Foray also did the voices of Rocket J. Squirrel in the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons.

In the 1970s, Maureen McCormick who played Marcia Brady on the sitcom THE BRADY BUNCH/ABC/1969-74 provided the voice to Mattel's updated version. She also appeared in a black and white TV commercial for the original Chattys along with her "Brady Bunch" sister Eve Plumb.

The anthology series THE TWILIGHT ZONE broadcast an episode entitled "Living Doll" (11/01/1963) based on the Chatty Cathy doll product line.

For more information read: "Chatty Cathy and Her Talking Friends: An Unauthorized Guide for Collectors" by Sean Kettelkamp (Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 1998)

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