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Twinkles - Flying baby elephant featured on KING LEONARDO AND HIS SHORT SUBJECTS/NBC/1960 [retitled THE KING AND ODIE in syndication] produced by Leonardo TV/Total TV Productions.

Twinkles the Flying Baby Elephant - KING LEONARDO & HIS SHORT SUBJECTS
Twinkles starts his magic "rotor" tail

Twinkle's friends included Fulton the camel, Sanford the boastful Parrot, Wilbur the mischievous Monkey and Herman Hyena. The cartoon segments were ninety-seconds in length and told stories aimed at preschoolers.

Twinkles magically transforms his trunk into any object, (a trumpet, a hammer, etc). To activate his magic trunk Twinkles says, "Nose, Nose, anything goes..."

In the episode "Twinkles and the Haunted House" Twinkles needs to break down a door to escape a haunted house so she says "Nose, Nose, anything goes, knock down the door with hammer blows" and his magic trunk changed into a sledge hammer that he used to break the door down.

The Twinkles character was also a cereal box mascot for General Mills' Twinkles Cereal: "The Star-Shaped Cereal." Its cereal box opened up like a book to reveal such stories as "Sleepy the Baby Kangaroo" and "The Lion Who Loved Himself."

Twinkles the Elephant - GENERAL MILLS CEREAL

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