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The Blue Fairy - Dainty fairy host of the Chicago based children's series THE BLUE FAIRY broadcast Monday nights on independent station WGN-TV in the late 1950s.

Brigid Mary Bazlen as THE BLUE FAIRY

The Blue Fairy (played by 14-year-old Brigid Mary Bazlen) lived in the Blue Forest. Seated on a mushroom, the elfin-winged fairy visited with such creatures as Tugnacious R. Jones, Myrtle Flower, and an old nasal-voiced wizard. The fanciful forest puppets were designed by George Nelle and writer-director Don Kane.

The program was recognized as the top children's program in 1958 and was nominated for a Peabody Award in 1959.

TRIVIA NOTE: In children's literature the Blue Fairy changed the wooden puppet Pinocchio into a real live boy in the 1883 story "The Adventures of Pinocchio" written by Carlo Collodi.

Disney's Blue Fairy from the 1940 film 'Pinocchio'
The Blue Fairy in the Disney film Pinocchio (1940)

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