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Wanda & Cosmo - The wacky, messed-up married fairy godparents of a smart 10-year-old boy named Timmy Turner on the animated series THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS/NIK/2001-2006.

Wanda and Cosmo the Fairies - THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS

Set in the town of Dimsdale, Wanda (the smarter of the two) and Cosmo live in Timmy's bedroom disguised as a pair of gold fish. When Timmy needs help, they leave their fish bowl and transform into humans carrying magic wands. With the help of their magic wands, Cosmo and Wanda let Timmy experience many adventures.

Timmy friends include Chester and A.J. Vicky, Timmy's nasty 16-year-old babysitter and Timmy's parents (who are "always giving him commands") round out the cast of characters. When Vicky is mean to Timmy, he has Cosmo & Wanda play tricks on her and turn her head into various objects.

Cosmo and Wanda report to Jorgon Von Strangle, the most powerful Godparent. He reminds Cosmo and Wanda of the rules of magic. They must follows these basic rules when dealing with Timmy.

Rule #1: Fairy Godparents only grant wishes to kids!

Rule #2: Fairy Godparents can't ever be seen by ANYONE but the kid they watch over!

Rule #3: A kid with Fairy Godparents can't tell anyone they exist!

Rule #4: Fairy Godparents can't ever interfere with True Love.

Timmy's wishes are kid-like and often practical. He doesn't wish for a million dollars but rather that he could stay up late or turn invisible to hide from the school bully.

When Timmy wants to have an adventure he asks Cosmo and Wanda to lay some of their magic on him. Once, Timmy wanted to become a comic book character sidekick of his favorite comic book hero, The Crimson Chin ("The Mandible of Might") and so his fairy god ("odd") parents inserted Timmy into a comic book fantasy where he became Cleft, the Chin Wonder in the metropolis of Chincinatti. There he battled such villains as The Bronze Kneecap, The Iron Lung, The Copper Cranium, Gilded Arches, Brass Knuckles and the Giant Doctor Robot (known collectively as The Body of Evil). But when the adventure was over, Cosmo and Wanda (often lacking in the magical skills) found a way to get him back safe and sound, until the next time.

Created by Butch Hartman, The Fairly Odd Parents is a spin-off of "Oh Yeah! Cartoons."

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