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Squatsie - The name of a two-foot tall painted ceramic garden gnome with a pointy red cap owned by gay lawyer Will Truman (Eric McCormack) on the sitcom WILL & GRACE/NBC/1998-2006.

Squatsie the Gnome

"Squatsie" was a beloved memento from Will's childhood that symbolized a happier time in his life prior to his parent's divorce. Will and his brother bought the gnome for their parents when Will was nine years old.

On episode No.90 "Went to a Garden Party" Will gets excited about planting flowers in his apartment's community garden area, and so he brings "Squatsie" to place next to his garden plot.

Unfortunately, the gnome gets broken when Will's best friend Grace Adler (Debra Messing) accidentally shatters the gnome when she swings at a buzzing bee with her large shovel.

Frantic to cover up her mistake, Grace blames the broken gnome on a mean neighbor (Peter Mackenzie) who also planted flowers at the site. When Will hears about the Mean Guy, he returns to the garden at night and pees on the man's flowers.

While Will is "Watering" his neighbor's garden, the alleged Mean Guy appears out of nowhere, blows a whistle, accuses Will of misconduct and threatens to call the cops. Fortunately, Grace arrives on the scene and confesses to being the "Gnome Wrecker."

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