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The Leprechauns Christmas Gold - Animated Christmas special produced by Rankin-Bass production that first aired on the ABC network on December 23, 1981.

The Leprechaun's Christmas Gold - RANKIN AND BASS

Narrated by Art Carney who lent his voice to Barney Kilakilarney the leprechaun, this delightful animated puppet adventure told the story of a lost ship's cabin boy who lands on an uncharted island and unwittingly releases a Banshee trapped beneath a evergreen tree that the boy unearthed to use as a Christmas tree.

The Banshee had been imprisoned by the Killakilarney leprechauns because she tried to steal their gold.

With the help of the young cabin boy, the leprechauns recapture and imprison the Banshee and thus save the Leprechaun's Christmas Gold.

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